I found it!

I've been spending all my free time experimenting on editing my blog and learning about add-ons etc. etc. Didn't realize it would be such fun. And the best part is, I can bring in more pictures too, and I plan to add some more courtesy of my writer friend who is nice enough to send me pics. My only disadvantage, I'm a nincompoop (did I spell it right?) when it comes to colors. And I'm really bad at it. But goodness, I've got links, a site meter, a tagboard, a clock and a daily mood viewer (YAY!) . Now, if I can only ask people to leave comments or a message on my Tagboard. At least it wouldn't look so lonely. Sigh.

And work on my program has reached a standstill. I'm sure the professor won't mind if I don't spend as much time with learning Borland C++. Because spicing up this blog is much more fun. I should start writing more too. My novel awaits. Maybe next week ...


What is it with sickos?

My sisters and I were watching Dateline NBC and there was this story about teenagers chatting in the net. They staged a situation where a 14 year old girl chats online, gives out her home address and tells her chatmates that she was home alone. For the next 24 hours, every hour, a different man shows up on the doorsteps of the house, clearly interested of sex with a 14 year old. The reality that a lot of men over 30 to 40 years old would be willing to meet up with a 12 or 14 year old girl who was home alone is astounding. Scary.

Then my sister told me about how she chatted with an American online. She mentioned that she was a single mom and the American started asking questions about her teenage son. My sister was careful not tp give too much information and refused to share pictures of her son. The guy suddenly have the gall to suggest a threesome with my sister and her son. Ackkkkk! SICK!

And there was this 40-something Australian who wanted to have sex with a 15 year old sister of his girlfriend. Now, if you were sane, would you still date this guy?

How many more sickos are out there? I know I've met some.