Book of love

Been listening to this song over and over after watching the movie Shall We Dance on HBO. It's not the movie. It's not even Richard Gere. But the song just keeps repeating itself in my head over and over again. Almost sung it aloud on the jeep ride to work. But Aaaaaaaaaaaaai ... can't get it off my head.

And I'm not even in-love. Just floating above ground but have my feet tied to a post of responsibility. Sigh. My book of love is not long and boring, but it remains close for now.

- Peter Gabriel

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing

But I, I love it when you read to me
And you, You can read me anything

The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb

But I, I love it when you sing to me
And you, You can sing me anything

The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know

But I, I love it when you give me things
And you, You ought to give me wedding rings

You ought to give me wedding rings


Project Sunrise

On 11 August 2006, the tanker MT Solar 1, which was carrying two-million liters of bunker fuel, sank off our southern coast while battling rough waters. Several hours later, our long stretches of white-sand beaches, remarkable dive spots and rich fishing grounds became despicable sights with black, thick oil covering them.

If you want to help, click on the title. Help save all those wonderful beaches, corals, sea creatures, and the great people of Guimaras, Iloilo. Make a donation for the cause.

This is the extent of the damage. And it will get worse if tanker is not removed.



It's going to be a long weekend. And I'm looking forward to a re-arranged bedroom and quite time with graphics design. I'm sooooooo loving it.

I'm going to Guimaras tomorrow. I hope I would get a glance of the oil spill which they say is 4 inches thick and covers the whole of Guimaras island. There goes the coral beds and the exotic fishes of Alubihod. So sad to hear news of this.

And talking about fishes, I attended a children's birthday party last Friday and they gave me 2 tiny gold fishes to take home. Gave them to my nephew. I was afraid that I'm not really good at taking care of pets. I could barely keep a plant from dying, so I think my nephew should have it. He named them Jimmy Hendrics and Led Zeppelin. Jimmy died the next day. Very rock star don't you think?. We don't know exactly why. He had a bloated stomach and would not respond to CPR. So we had to flush him down the toilet. Let's all bow our heads for the passing of ... a really nice fish.

And for another fish story, my boss took me to the Lapaz Market a few days ago. I was looking for prawns. He was looking for fishes. So he lead me to the wet market section and it was only then I realized that I haven't been inside a wet market for at least 3 years. And I was amazed and was looking around with new eyes. Bought my prawns and 2 boneless bangus. And I love looking at all them fishes. Too bad I was too shy to take pictures. But I will be back there. I promise.

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Quick post

Just a quick post before they fix the bug in the program and I have to get back to work. Not a perfect drawing but this is just my second vector art. Any volunteers for more experimentation?

Click on the image for a better view.

Strrange hours

I've been waking up at strange hours ... 3 or 4 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. To me, that always means I'm worried about something. But right now, I really can't think of anything worth worrying about.

I've been busy at work too. We had to encode and check about 2000+ names on a databse over the weekend so they can be assigned numbers by Monday morning. The thing about information technology, you lose your identity in numbers. 1 0 1 1 0 1 0.

I drew a vector image of my inaanak who will be celebrating his 1st birthday on Monday at Mundo's. Will post it soon together with the real picture. Need to ask permission from parents. I also drew one of myself too ... that I will never post - hahaha. I'm tired. But I can't sleep.

Had my braces adjusted yesterday and they hurt like hell. But I've been used to that. So why am I awake?

Yawn. I think I'll go back to bed and try at least. I need to go back to work in 2 hours. And bummer, it's Sunday.


Jaro Cathedral

Taking new photography lessons with an elder architect-photographer. Spent the whole Saturday morning running around Jaro Plaza. Broke my camera's manual adapter. :( Could no longer adjust the speed of my camera. Good thing there's Photoshop.


simple yet complex ... life's conundrum

Woke up at 1am and can't get back to sleep. So I'm waiting till sleep comes. Finished Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. I love how the character Levin finally arrived to the conclusion of figuring out his purpose. It was quite simple, yet ... complex. The conundrum of life. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Yet the answer is always in the simplicity of everything. It is in human nature to make it complicated.

My favorite lines:
".. my life now, my whole life, regardless of all that may happen to me, every minute of it, it is not only NOT meaningless, as it was before, but has the unquestionable meaning of the good which it is in my power to put into it.

I sought an answer to my question. But the answer to my question could not come from thought, which is incommensirable with the question. The answer was given by life itself, in my knowledge of what is good or bad. And I did not acquire that knowledge through anything. It was given to me as it is to everyone. Given because I could not take it from anywhere.

There is no condition to which a person can grow accustomed, especially if he sees that everyone aroubnd him lives in the same way."

- Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy (translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky)

So I guess that's it. Eureka! The purpose of man is to do good. A purpose that is inborn because it is revealed to man as soon as he became aware of his world. This must be faith, Levin said. To know something, without undestanding why. :) So my purpose is to do good ... in whatever way I can. My goal is to be happy ...doing what it is I choose to love. I think I understood this, but somehow, had difficulty grasping it. Reasoning clouds judgement. So I forget this basic revelation.

Galing ni Lord! To think that man finds it difficult to understand this simplicity ... and finds it easy to live its complexity. :)

Deep? Maybe I just need more sleep ...