Last day

Received a Christmas Card from a long lost friend plus plus plus. We haven't talked for months. The card was unexpected and the short note that came with it is - ugh! (tug heart strings) endearing. Just when you thought you've found peace, the waves roll in. ;) I think I like my life when it takes a tumble. Chaos is not my element, but here I am welcoming it with mixed feelings. Yup, I so love Christmas cards from long lost friends +++.

As promised, I'm posting my vector drawings of my nieces. Sorry if you find it so small but I also wanted to tell you that I've become a deviant :) and will start posting my drawings on my DevianART space. I've posted one of the bigger pics there too in case you want to view it. You can access the link here.


A word of advice to little kids out there who loves to read, never ever read the Chronicles of Narnia and the Series of Unfortunate Events Series at the same time. I'm doing just that and one tends to overshadow the other. I have such high respect for CS Lewis. I'm not sure if the movie ruined the book for me but it pales in comparison to Lemony Snicket. But I've seen that movie too and I still liked the book. There's a difference in writing styles. I don't know. Maybe it's the timing. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe reminded me too much of Christ's crucifixion - hehehe. And the Magician's nephew - too much of Creation. I should just read one series first then go to the next. The Chronicles of Narnia are ruined for me - all because of the Bauldelaire kids. Not even Aslan can change that.

Going out with friends tonight for therapy. Will celebrate the last day of work this year with wine and song. :) A belated Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New year too.

Oh almost forgot. My braces were removed two days ago. I am now metal free for 4 days. I will be fitted with retainers this Saturday and that will remain till my dentist have fixed all my fillings and caps. And that will empty my pockets some more - can't believe the cost of fixing teeth nowadays. But I love my teeth. Yup, it was all worth it. ;D


Christmas Wishlist 2006

When I made this list last year, everything on the list was all improbable. But I got 5 out of ten on my list last year. A lot of them were not what I really asked for but they came close and fulfilled my need for them. So I'm making a new list for 2007.

1. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men!
2. Multi-Card Reader

3. DDR RAM 1Gb for my Photoshop creations and a new computer while I'm at it
4. Canon EOS latest version

5. Canon lens to go with my camera

6. a new cellphone. Mine is extremely antiquated.

7. a new pair of Levis - I miss my old one
8. Paint my room
9. a homemade work-table. Had my friend draw me a perspective plan for my room. I need 3000 pesos to make this come true.
10. a car or a bike or anything that would let me travel on my own

They tell me I'm old

It's my second debut. My friends say I should throw my second debutant's ball. I said no need. I've been celebrating my birth everyday by living. Naks! Hehehe.

Most of my friends tell me not to worry about aging, or on getting more wrinkles, or remind me that I am old. Hahaha. I'm not worried about getting old. I'm more worried about thinking old ... but that part, I can control as long as I still have all my senses with me ... and a lot of self-humor too.

I now have 7 strands of white hair at the top of my head. They've somewhat become more visible. They tell me I should dye it black. I said I'm keeping it white. That way I can still count them. :) If a good majority turn white, then maybe I'll consider dying them ... white. (hehehe.)

Happy Birthday to me!


Depressingly Empty

The fridge is empty. There's practically nothing in it but water. I have 300 pesos left for food and we have nothing to cook tonight except sugar - hahaha. And I just have enough allowance for two days. Problem is I have to go to Pototan tomorrow for Photo Class and need to contribute 200 pesos for my community's Christmas party. LOL. It's not exactly "living on the edge" but yup, I'm edgy alright. We've been assured of a bonus. Of just how much this is and when exactly they will give it remains a mystery. But even if I do get the bonus, it will just be enough to pay for the dentist, the maid's 13th month pay, the ham I ordered for Christmas, the mp3 player I promised my nephew and my birthday blow-out at work. What to do about gifts? No gifts. That's the only solution. And no Christmas either. Sigh. So what else is new? I feel sad about this but hell, I should be used to it by now. Things hasn't changed. They just tend to get a lot worse. I have an extreme need to pig-out and pretend I'm rich. But as they say, reality bites. And as always, it bites in the ass. I try to conjure a feeling of how lucky I am that the typhoon didn't pass my way, that I still have my house, my computer etc. etc. But shit! I don't feel none of that crap today.

I discovered Sims by the way. To update you, my bachelor is becoming suicidal, my roomies are fighting over who's cleaning up what, and my rich housewife just burned down her kitchen. Hahaha. That should be funny, right?

Reading two books: Bergdorf blondes by Plum Sykes and Can You Kep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella. Truth is I find both shallowly entertaining. But right now, I really can't read anything dramatic and sad. I'm opting for picker-uppers. But the truth is, the above books are really lousy! I don't don't know. Maybe I have something against women who like brand label shopping and think that a man would complete them. OMG! I might be really depressed and I don't know it yet! (insert Ordinary People theme here) The books are a far cry from J.D. Salinger's Catcher On The Rye - (I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this book) but they keep my mind off other things. So yes, I'm sticking to reading them.

Oh yeah, I spent 3 days making vector art of my three nieces in Photoshop. I figured that if I could get them printed in large format, I could give them as Christmas gifts. The girls just had their rooms painted. I hope this would be a nice addition to teenagers' room. I'll post smaller versions here after Christmas and tell you if they liked it or not. They will have to like it because they're not getting anything else from me. hehehe.

To laugh when you are down is to lose your mind. Maybe it's just the effects of the dog bite I had years ago. Or maybe this is just who I am?


Joy to the World

Hehehe, makes me feel all Christmassy just singing this song. If anybody has a copy of this song, please let me know :) Don't you just love William Hurt in the The Big Chill?

Jeremiah was a bullfrog,
Was a good friend of mine,
I never understood a single word he said,
But I helped him a drink his wine.
And he always had some mighty fine wine.

Singin' joy to the world,
All the boys and girls now,
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
Joy to you and me.

If I were the king of the world,
I tell you what I'd do,
I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the wars,
And make sweet love to you.

You know I love the ladies,
Love to have my fun.
I'm a high night flyer in a rainbow rider.
A straight shootin' son of a gun.
I said a straight shootin' son of a gun.

Joy, to the world, all the boys and girls,
Joy, to the world, joy to you and me,

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"Joy to the World" is a song written by Hoyt Axton, and made famous by the band Three Dog Night. The song is also popularly known by its incipit, "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog". The words are nonsensical. Axton wanted to convince his record producers to record a new melody he had written and the producers asked him to sing anything for words. He sat down and put these words to the tune.

Three Dog Night's version went to number one on the pop music charts in February 1971, and was on the band's album Naturally. It was also released on their albums Around the World With Three Dog Night (1973), Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits (1974), The Best of 3 Dog Night (1982), and Celebrate: The Three Dog Night Story, 1965-1975 (1993).

In the 1990s, former Three Dog Night lead singer Chuck Negron recorded the Christmas carol "Joy to the World" and playfully included a few lyrics from the Three Dog Night/Hoyt Axton song -- coming to a full stop in mid-song for the line "Jeremiah was a bullfrog."


So much for up and down

him: tell me about u
me: im a cynic
me: how about u?
him: i am a romantic
me: good for u. any luck?
him: let us hope for the best. so tell me
me: tell u what?
him: any thing u like. anything u feel pleasure
me: i like to listen
him: great. i appreciate. hat is a great quality of listening and sign of intilligentia
me: thank u. what do u like?
him: in fact i like u. one of the qualities i am finding person
me: really? did my profile pic get me in trouble again?
him: no. never
me: which qualities are those?
him: one u have disclosed, other are many when time comes i will tell u. wait till such time. ok
me: im not very patient
him: then u r not good listener
me: good point
him: yes. hats off to rectifying ur weakness
me: thanks. so what r u up to?
him: it is my plesure. come to the point. ask me straight away. i am fair minded person
me: of course. times a-wasting
him: be open. be frank
me: i thought i am
him: no pain no gain. no, u r not
me: ok
him: ok. i know u r clever person
me: u can tell that with just a few sentences?
him: yes. again u have to wait for u r turn
me: wow, u must be very talented
him: no doubt in it. many more are there. u have noteced one only. now the great stars on the war
him: where do u live
me: i live above the equator, in asia
him: ok
him: can u specify the area
me: u will have to wait ur turn
him: location? definitely. in fact it is immaterial to me of area. since u r woman that is enough
me: i totally agree
him: great. i told 2 stars on the war
me: what do u mean?
him: u consider yourself stubborn and i am not less than that. u got what i mean
me: what does have to do with stars and the war?
him: to unite each other. love and war both are fair
me: they are. but only when u want to get involved
him: definitely
me: i dont want to get involved. im not the type
him: but a magnet attracts only iron. type will be moulded
me: some types cant
him: r u married
me: no. im not the type
him: u will be made type what i need
me: i dont obey men. i never had. i never will
him: according to my choice
me: LOL. u give urself too much credit
him: then u r not woman
me: says you
him: definitely. i am the supreme
me: u r what? well, u r entitled to ur own opinion
him: man is the creator of the nature. i am up. u r down
me: so much for gender sensitivity
him: if there is no gender sensivity there is no meaning of creation
me: just because im woman doesnt make me less a person
him: i never made u less. u r equal to me. u will be my partner with equal right
me: but i am down and u r up? what does that mean?
him: equal opportunity
him: man is always up. that is universal phylosophy
me: LOL. it is men like u that reminds me never to get married. that is ur philosophy. it may not be entirely universal, not in my world anyway
him: but personally when u come in to contact in body relation u will be thankful to God for this life. in fact u will pray God u need more lives to come as woman to this world. ok
me: u just lost me
him: i never lost u. in fact u r very close to me. really u r climbing the ladder. u r learning. to me during these 34 years u did not come across the right person like me. that is what u missed. wasted 34 yrs. nobody won with me. then how can u
him: any how many thanks for lovely chat
him: take care
him: have nice time
him: wish u all the best
him: pray for u r wisdom
him: cia

I tuned out after "u just lost me". I guess, I wasn't such a good listener. LOL.


In Your Face

gloat [glōt]
be smugly happy: to feel or express smug self-satisfaction about something such as an achievement, a possession, or somebody else's misfortune

Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Is it sour graping to be irritated of in-your-face gloating?

This GIRL called me all the way to Passi just to brag about the cameras she had received from her grandmother. She kept repeating, "Nahisa ka? Nahisa ka?". And to add insult to injury, she would say "BEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", like a juvenile infantile 20 year old would.

YES, I envy her. YES, I wish I had a living grandmother who would buy me those things. YES, I hate it that she has all these cameras while having one good one is all I really want. BUT I hate it that she has to keep gloating all over my face as if I'm scum. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

She did that when she lost weight and I didn't. She did that when she won in a contest and I didn't. She did it when her mom bought her this expensive camera and I still has my old Olympus. I think she does it in every opportunity she gets, as if gloating would make her superior and more lovable. (Vomit! Vomit!) At first, I thought she had every right to gloat because she had all those things. As if by just being her, she earned everything. NOT!!!!!

I HAD ENOUGH. If she gloats once more, in my face, I will have to SMACK HER!


Off to Passi today

To attend my cousin's funeral. I hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to it. It's not the saying goodbye part, but the getting together as a family part. One of the top ten things I value most in life is the presence of family. Even in our saddest moments, we have managed to pull through. And sense of humor is vital for seeing the bright side of life.

I've been attending the wake for the past week. Strangely enough, it has been one of the most enjoyable wake (if there is such a thing) I've been to.

Goodbye cousin. We hope you find peace in the other side. And thanks for bringing this family together.



Advance Photography Class starts today. I think I like our small group. I also think it would have been much more fun if our old group were all there too. But change is constant and so it is with our class. I welcome the new faces. That always mean new inputs. I'm looking forward to new photo opportunities. And more importantly, more challenges. Egos will balloon again soon.

I attend a photographer's club meeting - my first. We were celebrating two birthdays of two very kind and nice people, so personally, in my end at least, attendance is a must. And like all artist, photographers too have the habit of showing up their best and most recent accomplishments. For a while, it was entertaining. Watching all shots of professional and non-professional photographers is, for me, the amateur, a learning experience. But like all artists, photographers take pride in their work ... and thus have large egos to boot. Some are humble enough to keep quiet and let their pictures speak for themselves. Those are the photos I found most impressive. Because they did not explain it. Photos should speak for the photographer because that is their voice.

But there are egos that are just ... well, overpowering. And infuriating. There's this one ego I can't stand. I think he likes listening to himself talk so we let him. He seems to know a lot about everything. For awhile I was curious, then I was bored, and then I was losing my mind. He wouldn't stop talking and always manage to bring himself up in any conversation. I hate to be like that. I wish I had someone who would keep me in check in case my ego balloons itself to kingdom come.

Hehehe. Egos. Sometimes you just have to deal with it.