Ay sa kakapuy!!!!

Finished a 3-day training after a two-day bilad-sa-araw at the Kasadyahan and Dinagyang Festival. Had very little sleep and I have my regular work piling up. It should be a good thing that I didn't take any odd jobs this month or else I would've killed myself. But then again, I feel most happy when I'm right in the midst of everything - tired or energetic. It's the best place to be.

Found this list at Yahoo: Three Signs of a Miserable Job. The opposite of which is three signs why I like what I do:

1. I am not anonymous. I teach people and I like that they learn from me, sometimes with resentment - hehehe - because what I teach is quite new and difficult for them. But I like it when people I teach are willing to learn.

2. I am not irrelevant. I truly believe that what we do at work makes a difference in people's lives. Make it a little easier for them to work in the long-run. That to me is important even when I design websites.

3. I can measure my contribution to a project. Albeit small as it maybe to others, I feel I am valued by my colleagues, my peers, my supervisor and my student-assistants. And I don't say that to be arrogant. I like that they can listen to me and that I can listen to them.

The fact that I feel somewhat successful in my line of work, I also feel somewhat a failure in my lovelife - hahaha. For the moment, I don't really care. But I wonder of it's effects much later, when I grow old alone.

Maybe I should get married. But would that get in the way of my love for my work? Hmmmmm. We choose our happiness. We dig our graves.

Bad luck. Good luck. Who knows?


Dinagyang 2008

You would know how great the Ilonggo spirit is when they perform


Cooking Hot


With Feelings



Fly High

I've been waking up very early for the last two weeks to commute to work. I usually hate jeepney rides but I love them if I can leave the house extra early. Plus I haven't been late for work for two whole weeks. (Pat self on back, you go girl!) After a few days, the highlight of my ride is going over the fly over - hahaha. Babaw!

Here's a list of movies I highly recommend. And I only recommend those I've seen and those that tore me to bits and made me laugh and kept me thinking till the credits were over. They may or may not be on your screens yet. Some of them may be really old too, but in case you miss them, they are a must watch.

1. Bucket List (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson; for grown-up kids with Dads)
2. Juno (all start cast; not only for pregnant teenagers, mind you)
3. Atonement (Ha! La lang. I just love James McAvoy)
4. Becoming Jane (What's her name and James McAvoy; If you read her books, its a must)
5. Feast of Love (Morgan Freeman again; for the in-love, with or without partner)
6. Children of Men (Clive Owen -mmmmmmmm. In HBO for limited period)
7. The Brave One (Jodie Foster in a kick-ass role)
8. The Nanny Diaries (yup yup yup!)

I know there are two more but I can't remember their titles. Hmmmm ... I was never good at that.


alley- whoops

Experimented with sub domains in my two blogger blogs and lost both of them - wehehehe. That's what you get for not reading full instructions and jump into it like a blind nitwit. Hopefully, I will have both of them online in two days. Otherwise, I'm stuck with seven :D

I tried reading Jane Austen's Persuasion last night but I can't get through five pages without falling asleep. I used to love reading the classics ... but I don't know why I have so very little patience for it now. Maybe it's from watching too many episode of West Wing. They get to the gist of the issue immediately and I seem to like it that way.

By the way, found two possibles for pretend boyfriend, pretend date soon to happen. I might post or not post what happens next. Why? Because it's not my life - hehehe.

I'm tired. I feel really fat and tired. I'm gonna lie down and have my nails done then watch more episodes of West Wing.


and another one

While designing tickets for the real Dinagyang, I got crazy and came up with this. I love my Photoshop.

Just before the year gets busy

Newly drawn images ... before work gets hectic and I'm still in my "biga-on" mood:

Patricia, my youngest niece, smart, stubborn, opinionated and mildly demanding :) as all little girls should be.



The problem with being single and independent, and having no one to pick you up after work and look after you is that you get prone to advances, not only from single guys, but from very married men. No, I'm not describing myself - HAHAHAHA! If I was, you would not hear about it in this blog - wahahahaha!

The only way to ward off such unwanted admirers (powerful, blatant and arrogant as they may be) without hurting their feelings or nipping their approach at "can we be friends?" (ulk! cough cough!) is to get a pretend boyfriend.

My girlfriend is 34 and she needs a pretend boyfriend. She's tall, gorgeous, confident, witty, intelligent, independent without becoming too much of a feminist and she lives in Iloilo. We need someone who is tall, confident, witty, intelligent, manly without becoming too much of a chauvinist and lives in Iloilo. He has to be 34 to 40 years old, NOT MARRIED! and currently single, or may not be single but can pretend to be one (no ring in finger please!). Resumes can be emailed to ilongga70@gmail.com. Please include picture. If you have a male friend who needs a pretend girlfriend for a few weeks, please please! GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY.

We need just s few days to show him off to the married guy and he will be free to pursue whatever it is he is chasing after. Deal or no deal?



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Happy New Year. Had no time to do much. Been quite busy catching up on sleep and watching episodes of West Wing on CDs. I don't know about you but I think vacation is just too short ; ) HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL.

Went up the Iloilo Fly-over for the first time today. So I guess it's good that there is a public place in the Iloilo now where people can jump off? Hehehe. Sorry. Think it's great to have a fly over but I still have to see if it does lessen traffic. :)