I'm not through with it yet, but it's official. I hate Eclipse.
Much too sweet. Bleccch!


New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Finished Book two by reading after getting in bed and finishing just before I had to get up for work. So I haven't had any sleep. And I'm starting to look like a vampire in my office table. And feeling every inch of my sleepiness like I've just been to Italy and back. Sigh. That Bella is one lucky girl. :)

I've been neglecting work. I figured if I could just finish all pending jobs by this weekend and get my hands on the third book within the week, then the last book would be a fitting read for November 1 - the day we celebrate our dead ;)


Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Just finished Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. BIG GRIN. Except for specific parts which to me were excruciatingly corny, I really, surprisingly love it. Again it's back to Korean telenovelas although I seem to have outgrown those. Well maybe except for that Korean actor ... what was his name? Beong Jung or something like that.

Anyway, can't wait for the next book. I already called my brother in manila to try to get me the three other books in paperback. Because I could not stop reading from night to morning, I started to have double vision. Too much black letters on white background maybe? I hope to God this doesn't last.Maybe with a few more winks, I will be back to normal.

Why excruciatingly corny? I can't help it! I hate repeated expressions of undying love although I know from experience that they are not really THAT EXCRUCIATING when you actually hear it from someone you actually want to hear it from :) But to see that on TV or hear it or read it? I am more ... critical. Maybe some writers just say it better than others? I know, I'm quite nasty about it. Evil laugh.

I'm not complaining about Stephanie Meyer though. I like her writing. After Harry Potter, I like the idea of having a new series to follow. And knowing that this happens in high school? Imagine that you were a teenager in the 80's reading Sweet Dreams in paper back. Close? Na-ah!

Must Read


Richard and Nixon

Saw this on you tube and remembered my two favorite characters :)

Incidentally, Ron Livingston (Nixon in this Band of Brothers video) will be playing Gomez in the movie Time Travellers Wife to be launched on December. Can't help but wish that he was playing Henry. He would make a good Henry. But then again, he probably would make a good Gomez too.

I know. I'm a fan - hehe.


The Time Travelers Wife

My sister introduced me to audio books. The first being the Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I'm half-way through. And I can't sleep. Dang it! I hate it when I fall in love with a book. And can't help but love Claire and Henry too.

I have always been fascinated with time travel. This fascination resulted to obessions with Hi-Lander, Back to the Future, the first Terminator movie, Heroes, Somewhere In Time, Harry Potter even. And something about Bruce Willis and monkeys? What was that movie again? I like looking for anomalies in time. It boggles the mind.

Anyway, I love this book. I love how it is written, the simplicity of language, the candidness of conversations, the longing - my God - it's unbearable. And I'm just halfway through.

Halfway through and I already have a feeling how Henry will die :(

Halfway through. My God - it's unbearable. LOL.

I love it.


Wishlist 2007

I just thought I needed to update my wishlist. At five in the morning (Grin).

Anyway, I realized I didn't get to make my wishlist last year. For some reason. So I'm making last year's list. And I'll make this year's list in December :) And I need to add some more items in since I got some of them this year. Just to make it an even 10 :) Can't help it. It's the OC in me.

So here they are:
1. I want everything in this website for starters - hahaha. Puzzles galore. I can't pick just one so I'm linking the whole page. :P


2. Peace on earth, goodwill to men. (This comes second now because of climate change. And because of reality check and stubborn hope.)

3. The ever elusive Canon camera and lenses (I have wanted it for a long time but never got it. It's a luxury I cannot afford but it will remain on this damn list until I get really tired of it.

3. A room like this - or a new house while I'm at it:

4. A computer table exactly like this:

5. A Laptop - no particular brand. Just one that works so I can read ebooks in bed :)

6. learn programming

7. cable TV - we had ours removed just before the flood and never got it connected again. I miss Jay Leno and Oprah :(

8. time to read - I haven't had time for this favoriet pastime anymore

9. This car in dark blue:

10. Atticus Finch :)

I've become very specific in my wishlist, as you can see. I don't always get or buy the exact thing I want but being more specific helps me remember why I want them in the first place.