There's a war brewing in the horizon.

Why does it feel like I'm right in the middle of the story "Lord of the Flies".

Dear God, we need an adult! Quick!

My brother says, "Year of the Ox, D. Expect more of that. It will not be an easy year for everyone."

And I say, "But I'm not chinese!"


Dinagyang 2009

I'm sorry I had to remove all my Dinagyang pics from this post. Apparently Flickr was not too happy that I had watermarks on my photos. Or at least watermarks of my website in them. Sheeesh!

Oh well, will host them some other place or will just change the watermark to something else. So sorry if you get a lot of blanks on this blog.

I took down all my good pics. If I can't have my name on them, I don't want them in flickr.


Watching The Legend ... (Spoiler Alert!)

Friday night. I was just tired to the bone and if I had wings, I would've flown home. Traffic was terrible everywhere. They had closed main entrances to the city because of the Drum and Bugle Parade for Dinagyang. And the highway was flooded with cars - all wanting to see the first night of Luces In The Sky - the fireworks contest down on SM City. Everyone had something to do and somewhere to go but I just wanted to go home. My limits with crowded, noisy places are quite ...well, limited. hehe.

After enjoying a few minutes of the Fireworks (I can see the high ones just outside my driveway), I settled in for my last episode of Legend. This is an advance treat for me. I'm looking at two days of heat, crowd and noisy people during the weekend so I wanted to claim Friday night for my peace and quiet. So before the lights went out, I started watching the last episode of The Legend.

I love the series. I love how it ended. I wish they had a novel in English for it because I found a lot of the conversations wise and worth remembering (at least those I translated in my head and assuming I translated correctly ;). Tande, now King, finally got rid of the evil that wanted to take the powers of the Four Gods away. The deities have all been revealed and had a bond with the king that would win him wars, should he have all the other symbols with him. He was in the position to end the war, be a good king and finally enjoy a quiet life with his woman and son. If he just kills Qixia, he would also be free of her. But instead, he chose to take the powers of the deities, return the four hosts to their human form and leave the human world so humankind be rid of the powers of the Gods. I love it.

It's like saying this: If all men were equal, and no men had power over another, and no power were available for evil men to fight over, then peace for humankind would be more ... lasting, maybe - more permanent. It's like Frodo throwing over the Ring to the depths of Mount Doom. Ganun ka galing yun. :) Imagine if that were only true for leaders of this world. If there only was a ring that could get rid of all evil and one Tande or Frodo to lead ... just imagine. Sigh.

Hahaha. I realize that I'm probably the only one who can understand this blog entry when I read it again but I don't care. All I want to say is that I really love the story.

Hay, me and my literary idolatry.

P.s. My computer's name is still David. But now it has pics of BYJ all over it - hahahaha.

My Kasadyahan and Dinagyang post will come after the ordeal is over. Kapish?


of gods and men ...

There was Aragorn, king of Middle Earth. There was Major Richard Winters, leader of Curahee, Bastogne and whole lot of places during World War I. There was Atticus Finch, defender of the poor and the oppressed blacks. And now there is Prince Tande, king of a Chinese Dynasty I cannot read nor pronounce - bwahaha.


It's called "The Legend" or to Koreans, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Story of the First King’s Four Gods). I discovered the TV series during the weekend. I'm half-way through it. Because of symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, I've forced myself not to touch the computer during rest days as much as I can. The need to rest my hands had led me to Prince Tande and his four Gods Cheong-ryong (Blue Dragon), Baek-ho (White Tiger), Joo-jak (Phoenix), and Hyeon-mu (symbolized as a turtle). They have powers over wind, cloud, fire and rain respectively. Tande is a great war tactician, so much like Dick Winters of Band of Brothers. He is also a man's king - very Aragonic, a guy after the people's heart. And of course very Atticus - slow to anger, just, peaceful, brave :) Swoon swoon swoon.

Tande is of course played by the very attractive Bae Yong Joon, who I have decided to draw when I have time. He is a photographer too. So swoon swoon ulit. Hehe.

Like all epic dramas, you realize that a lot of wars could have been solved had people took the time to just hear each other out :) But then again, there is God's or maybe the human way of creating circumstances that prevent this. So confusion. Anger. Jealousy. Broken Romances. Unexpected friendships. War. Power Struggles - all the ingredients of a great story.

Can't wait for the four gods to meet their King.

My favorite men in fiction - my small piece of heaven here on earth.


Happy 2009!

Hello world! Sorry for not posting.
I've been busy living.
I realize I do take vacations very seriously.

Rested easy.
Ate with gusto.
Slept like sleeping beauty.
Shopped until I'm broke.
Had my Fave TV series marathon.
Sat for eight hours for rebonded hair.
The works!

So today, I'm back to the nitty gritty. I haven't been far away from it too long. I was also finishing pending jobs before the year changed. But I'm back to being ms finch.

This post is brought to you by Nenen (rebond specialist), Chuck and Buy More, Gil Grissom, Dr. House, Perri Todds, the Chinese residents of Ledesco Village, Nestle All-Purpose Cream, Nescafe 3-in-1, Tanduay Black, Torrent and Doña D.