Arrgggghhhh ...

I've always told myself that there is no room for idealist here. People are only human after all. But I can't accept that people can't change when they want to. For me that's always a possibility but it's probably a naive understanding of human nature. People will have excuses. People will want to stick to their comfort zones. People will always be stubborn. Like me.

A friend of mine posted this in fb: "All successful people these days seems to be neurotic. Perhaps we should stop being sorry for them and start being sorry for me - for being so confounded normal."

I am not happy today. And for once, I hate being the idealist. It's the winter of my discontent.


Change before you have to

I'm in the middle of ... something ... don't really know what to call it yet. Finally had David (the PC) fixed. Also solved the problem with the adaptor for Atticus (the laptop). When I hooked the former, I accidentally spilled glass cleaner all over the keyboard. So now I also have keyboard problems. So it's been decided that I need to buy that new PC before the weekend. Meanwhile, I've been working on my laptop which handles mostly everything except for my graphics work - I need my wide monitor for that. For now, I'm just doing research for my next project and anticipating working on it on my new PC. I've actually went window shopping the other day and found what I wanted. This will be my first brand new PC if I do get it - no more second hand computers. It took me four years to replace Kimberly (my first PC) and now it's been three years of working with David. While Kimberly handled my first experiments with the business, it was David who launched most of my work to the public. So I feel both sentimental and excited.  I'm making changes. And I've probably postponed it for a long time now. No more dual core. Bigger screen. Bigger disk space. New.

Now I need a name. I'm torn between Arun, Rancho, Nixon or Major Winters. LOL. Which one is better?

I promised you a sneak peek at my Starbucks Planner on my last post. Didn't get to post them because of the PC problems but here they are now:

This is Nixon

This represents Arun - his muse Yasmin.

Major Winters

Bottom one represents Rancho


Too early for humanity

It's 5:46am and too early for humanity. That's because  slept at 3am doing sketches of people with pencils - something I just learned to do and find it fun. But the baby had to sleep next to me early today because his parents had to go to the market to buy food. So this little piggy stayed home. The baby had this bad habit of waking up and wanting to put back to sleep only if you carry him in your arms and croon him back to sleep. I wonder where he got that idea. LOL. Sigh. So no sleep for me until the parents come home.

Anyway, I wanted to post pics from my Starbucks diary. My sister-in-law gave me this Starbucks Planner last January. It had everything I wanted in a planner - good paper, hard bound cover and enough room to be creative. I have converted it to a notebook, sketchbook, a taskbook and an ideas book while it still continues to be a planner at heart. I've wanted to post pics of what it looks like in the inside but it's taking forever to load so let me just post two and resize the rest of the pics for web to post later. I have to do this now before the boy wakes or else will need to rock him to sleep again and I'm running out of songs. LOL

The Sale tag was created for a client and the bahay kubo sketch was from a drawing workbook I bought in Manila to teach me to sketch. Yes, even in creativity, I tend to be bookish - at least with the technical part. If you can't read my terrible handwriting - it's a note about "Good Performance" -something I pick up here and there on my readings. I copy it in THE notebook so I can remember it since I tend to forget where I read it.

Ooops! The boy woke up and is saying hello to the remote control. Be right back with more pics later.