Practice Play

I thought I'd drop a word before I head off to dreamland. It's twelve midnight and I just finished editing two websites and my back hurts. That's because it's the first day back to work after the 5-day long vacation of the Holy week. That's also because, of the 5-day vacation, I spent 4 and a half days working on these two websites. One of them is a paying client, the other is probono work. And I give them both equal attention because I love to put my name on my work and I don't like embarrassing myself with mediocrity. That's how proud I am. LOL. So here I am trying to get sleepy because in 5 hours I have to get-up and plant trees in the mangroves of Leganes. It's been a hell of a month. But I'm not complaining. Not really. LOL.

The good news is I've scheduled some me time next week. For one whole day. That's all I need to keep me alive and sane. So just want to tell you all good people, that I'm quite alright, still single and without a man in sight LOL - but continuing to love life, freedom, art and the glorious, wonderful world.

Christ has risen. Alleluia. Certainly non-practicing Catholics slash agnostics are allowed to rejoice during Easter too. Hehe. I can hear my mother frown. LOL.

I wish I could write more. But facebook seems to be doing a great job at keeping me away from this blog.

Ahhh, mahna mahna. Will be back real soon. I do miss the mundane.