Sad Day

I buried a friend of mine today. He was 41 years old and didn't want to die. In fact, he wanted to be on his toes by Christmas time to join us in parties and small get-together. But such was not his fate and I went out to Mina today to say one final goodbye to his body. Tonight, I will be meeting up with old high school friends to celebrate his life and we will remember him as he was alive and how he would have loved to join us in such occasions.

During the mass today, I realized my own mortality. I've been talking about death in this blog and kept talking to people that I'm sooo ready for it. That it was everybody's finale - and that everyone will have to go through it at one point of their life. Just ... not now.

I guess when you're on the verge of death, you will always wish you didn't have to go. Maybe because you realize that there's so much more reason to live .. and to see ... and to talk about.

I will be spending time with my family in a few days and I've been looking forward for weeks. I can't die now. Not yet.