Two days before New Year and I'm sick with asthma which makes me quite depressed for some reason. The strange thing is that I know I have to take medications and even took steps to buy them, but I haven't taken them. Maybe I'm waiting for it to get worse so that I will be forced to take them. I hate medicines. I only learn to love them when I'm getting well :)

Bought myself a computer chair - a red one; one which will hopefully cure the back and butt pains for working late nights which I plan to do for the year 2008. It's quite cheap so I have this fear that cheap chairs equals weak chair. So I keep getting apprehensions that I might topple over or something. Maybe it's feeling fat on a weak chair?

The Viking forgot my birthday. He says not to take it personally because he always forget everyone's birthday. But I'm sulking. I think people who forgets birthdays forget the people they should remember. I don't know if it's childish. I don't mind if other people forget my birthday. But it hits a sore spot when the few people you allow yourself to love forgets your birthday. SO I SULK. And I think I have every right to. And I don't know how long I'm going to sulk.

I was thinking of returning to religion for the year 2008. I mean my friends have made it quite an issue that I suddenly stopped going to mass. And I feel I have no need to explain myself although I know they are very curious about it. I did go to mass on my birthday and my friend's daughter (she's about six years old) asked me the ultimate question:

Pauline: Tita, why don't you go to mass?
Me: I don't know how to explain it to you in a way that you will understand me. Maybe the right questin should be why did I go to mass today.
Pauline: Why did you?
Me: Because it's my birthday.

That doesn't make sense even to me. While I was there I prayed and told God that it was better to pray on jeep rides than on church. It's a personal choice but that is so true for me. And the mass didn't do much for me. Maybe it works for other people - but I don't know why I can't feel God there. Maybe you need to be is a desperate frame of mind or in need of spiritual help. But then again, in those moments, you would probably feel God everywhere when you need him. I love God. I truly do. I feel Him everywhere, even in my asthmatic state. If there's one thing I learned about God, is that he would love me no matter what. He would disagree me with me but he gave me free will, which with his guidance, I would hopefully put to good use. Why am I explaining myself?

Been watching my favorite characters on CD's: Gregory House and Gil Grissom. I also have CD's on Boston Legal and several old seasons of West Wing. I will not be touching my computer as much during this holiday season. Which should be just as well. I need the rest. So I will make my wishlist for 2008 on 2008. :)

Good morning Eastern Hemisphere. I'm off to watch TV till the sunrises. My asthma will not let me sleep tonight.


Christmas Part 2

Even my titles have lost creativity. It's the Holidays. It is always busy even if you don't have money to buy gifts - hehehe. I'm having fun though. Decorated the office, planned the Christmas Party Lunch. I even joined the choir for a office Christmas Party. We won Best Performance - wehehehe. It was all because we had the head honcho in our floor, I tell ya. But we were so gooooooood, we sizzled :)

Celebrated my birthday last Saturday. I turned 37. My sister and I drove to Cabatuan to pick up my Dad and my youngest brother who is home for the holidays. Saw the Iloilo Airport for the first time. And he brought home our favorite brownies unlimited and a Samsung DVD Reader / CD Writer for my birthday! Whooooooppeeeee. You know your a geek when you say whooopee to a new CD writer and day nice to a new blouse.

My favorite part of Christmas is looking for gifts. I don't believe gifts have to be expensive. I just like the idea of giving. Of course, you have to consider the factor of the capacity to give. But me, I just want everyone to get something. My sister and I disagree on that aspect. She wants great expensive gifts for the few. I prefer fun, small gifts for everyone, It was my mother's tradition to make sure everyone opens something during Christmas. It is one tradition I would like to keep no matter how much my sister say it's stupid. I think spreading the love should not be counted on what you give but how much you give.

Oh, I had my hair rebonded for Christmas. It is a 6-hour ordeal and my butt was sore. And soooo expensive. But I love my hair. It is all so worth it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Now, if only I had Angelina Jolie's body, I'd feel like one of Timbuktu's Top Models. :D

Started making a Christmas Card for everyone, but it's too Christmassy to stay in the computer so, maybe after Chrsitmas. A Hppy New Year card for all.

For now, Merry Christmas to one and all.



Today I learned how to make Christmas balls on my computer. Wehehehe. Babaw. Will show my work on my other blog soon. But ball, balls balls, I love my balls!

Burn wounds healing well. Might have some scars but I'll be fine I think. Guess I won't be elephant man anymore. Still contemplating if I will have burn pics in this blog. They are not that attractive but if it were me, I would be curious how it would look - hahaha.

Wasted a whole day at the DFA in queue for a passport that I will not receive in 7 days as their website promised or in 2 days as the region office sign says. It seems that everybody seems to be on their way out of the country judging from the long line of people there, patiently awaiting their names to be called. I don't blame them. As of last night, a German company said that the Philippines is now the 10th most corrupt country in the world. And we are also the third most pessimistic. Tsk tsk. (sings) What the world needs now .. is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of.

I'm playing Christmas songs on my computer but I don't feel a wee bit Christmassy. Oh well.