Went to SM Delgado on my lunch hour yesterday to pay for my Globe Plan. On the way back, I dropped by the department store and stopped at the men's eyewear section. I like buying those cheap plastic prescription glasses they have there. Plastics are lighter to wear than wire-rimmed ones. And since they are cheap, I buy two or three to match with clothes - haha. Fashionista Wanna be! Who knew?

Anyway, saw this BYJ eyeglasses I wanted (so called because I saw him wear something like it several times) but they didn't have one with my prescription. I saw a cute brown one with weird stripes which I like that has my prescription. But decided against buying it because I really wanted the BYJ glasses.

So headed back to work with my old eyeglasses habitually perched on my hair like a headband. When I crossed the street, I decided to open my umbrella because it was super hot, and hit my head, and dropped the old eyeglasses. A passing jeepney crushed it to pieces. Sigh. I favored that pair pa naman.

But I now have an excuse to buy those stripped brown eyeglasses again :) Teehee! Wonder where I can get those BYJ glasses with my prescription on it. Hmmmm.

Sometimes, I'm so babaw, I amaze myself - hahaha.

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totomel said...

it seems you are more happy to lose it.hehehe.

miss duds, i just hope to look at you in zafra resemblance than those inartistic anime visages of koreans after getting that glasses.hehehe