Moving On ... Next!

I just don't understand men. Why is it that when you decide you are ready to let go, they mutter something extremely romantic and you find yourself back in the roller coaster ride ... or maybe it's just me. (Boing!)

I don't like wearing the engagement ring although technically it's no longer an engagement ring but I have to call it that to set it apart from all other rings. It's my One Ring. It fits my stubby finger but it bothers me when I type. If I get fat, the ring will choke my finger till it stops blood circulation and turn my index into a fat blue sausage. Gross. I was not meant to wear a ring. If I get married, I must wear it around my neck, like a dogtag. Hmmmmm ... who will marry me now? :(

Anyway, I'm moving on. Enough of looking for love in all the wrong places, Looking for love in too many places. (Hehehe Must avoid going to Kenny Rogers). There's not much point in getting hung up in a relationship that will not see the light of day. But I've learned a lot from previous relationships (right, Vayls? as if ang dami! lol). And even if the romantic thingy has ended, I've managed to keep the platonic business platonic. So, off went the engagement ring. I get to keep it as a token of his love, Naks! and burn the entire music box (mp3s, IM text conversations and those bloody pictures) on CD for future reference. I have yet to write my novel and I need those. And although I'm striving for sainthood, I do want to get married and have some of those little tiny things they call babies. But if God has a sense of humor - and I'm sure he has lots of those, he might let me stay single. And I'm ready for that too. One thing is clear to me. I CANNOT settle for a guy who just happens to be there. I know what I want now. I'm also aware that I'm not searching for the perfect guy ... but the right one. What is the right guy, you ask? To be frank, I have no idea - hahahaha. But I will know him when I meet him. And if I don't end up marrying him, then that's ok too. I move on because there will be another right guy who will come along. My journey continues and I'm a weary but optimistic traveler.

I just wish they would stop being romantic and keep it platonic ... but where's the fun in that?

Men! They don't understand the word "no".

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