Why Bother?

Him: Sometimes you really worry me.
Me: Why?
Him: Because you want answers to everything.
Me: Why should that worry you? You think you need to answer them all?
Him: Yes, Sometimes I do.
Me: You don’t. Sometimes I just think aloud without expecting any answers.
Him: Sometimes I feel that I have to defend myself - I feel like being investigated and have to convince you that I’m not guilty. LOL
Me: Then tell me to stop.
Him: I don’t think I can do that
Me: Why not?
Him: It’s in your nature as I said.
Me: If it’s in my nature, I might not know when to stop.
Him: Maybe not.
Me: So you need to tell me if it bothers you. So you tell me to stop.
Me: I’m forgetful.

But he loves me anyway. LOL. Heart thumps and expands. Sigh.


mellowyellow said...

I think aloud and folk think i am asking questions. Have a great weekend

Vanessa said...

I love your new blog look and the pics at your photo gallery are great! I hope you and the viking are doing great...take care & keep taking great pictures! :)

ilongga70 said...

Hi Mellow! They say it's a girl thing. LOL

Thanks Vanessa. Coming from a great maniniyuter, I'm quite flattered. Let's continue to love vikings ages hence and our cameras for in-the-moment seconds. teeheehee.

wendge said...


ilongga70 said...

don't u just hate when ur sister starts being mean because u write something u feel? :P im taking away her webcam right tonight hahaha

balikbayan_box said...

cute naman hehehe

just passing by :)