My Mondo Beyondo List for 2005

My friend Vee showed me this site and I likey so much that I decided to write my own. It is way better than New Year resolutions. This is a list of improbable things you want to happen to your life, and because they may never happen, there is no pressure of fulfilling them in the coming year. My Mondo Beyondo list. Thanks to Andrea for daring everyone to make this list.

I want …

  • to get out of the country … and enjoy a continental tour
  • to meet the man that brings with him African drumbeats and a sense of wonder
  • a new car … and oh, learn to drive
  • see the leaves of autumn and be able to touch it
  • to be debt free for the rest of my life
  • to be a serious writer
  • a massage (like right now would be nice!) and some serious pampering
  • to cook like Nigella
  • to affect change in the world… for the better
  • to use the word “forever” and mean it over and over and over again
  • to dance and sing more with utmost abandon
  • to finish college and more
  • to be comfortable in a swimsuit again
  • to take a picture of every good thing that happens to me, friends and family
  • to draw and not be afraid to show it
  • to run and not get tired
  • to love going to work again
  • to never have to have beauty standard issues
  • to simplify my life and be content with it

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