After Before Sunset

Just came back from watching the Before Sunset movie. And this terrible thought plagued me. What if one serious meaningful relationship manages to screw up one's entire life? I hate regrets. But what if nine years from now, I'll discover that I'm scarred for life and realize that this one magical moment has become standard to all my relationships and they end up BLAH! compared to this African-drum-beating one. Hmmmm ... Pitiful to base one's lovelife in just this single imagery.

Still the film was one great screenplay/movie. And I managed to listen to the whole conversation even when there was little change in scenery. That's why they keep walking all the time, to stop the monotony. But this one I had more difficulty concentrating. There were too many angst.

Life is too short to worry about things that might not happen. So why continue to complicate it?

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