End of SITC

His name is John. And I mourn the end of the series. Now, what to do on a Tuesday night? No more Sex In The City. Boo-hoo-hoo.

My 3rd high school friendship got married today to a six feet tall, blonde, blue-eyed, Dutchman. They’ll be living happily ever after in the kingdom of Spain. A wedding and two cups of coffee later, with my two last remaining single high school friendships, I started getting sentimental. Started to feel like Miranda with Carrie preparing to leave for Paris. Sad but happy for her.

Three out of six. As Vee said, we have reached the equilibrium. So to preserve the peace, we need not marry. We 3 remaining singletons have thoughts of eloping … just to break tradition. Or since we all have fears of sacrificing our independence, why complicate life with marriage? But then again, we are somewhere between staying in love and getting over an obsession. So in the end, we all might want to be bound to a wedding ring too … in the distant future. In Boracay perhaps. In a red dress … Naaahhhh!

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