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Haven't been very productive lately. I go to the office and then refuse to work. There is much to do but procrastination seems to be on top of everyone's list nowadays. So when I do some work, I also mix in a lot of staring into space. Kind of a conscious effort to keep the balance. The good news is I've cleaned my In Tray. Of course, new documents will somehow make its way to it just when I'm beginning to feel comfortable with spacing out. But that's fine as long as I don't have a panic attack; I've met my deadlines - Grin!

I've also been spending too much time drinking too much coffee with the superfriends as we make plans on what to do for the Justice League Christmas Party. We have a very limited budget this year, most of it will come from our own pockets. Good thing superheroes always lean towards generosity and sharing whenever a party becomes part of the agenda. Plan of action will be lechon (roast pig). That will be expensive since there are only six of us and we need to feed 30 people. But you can't really expect trainees to contribute since they are forced to laugh at our jokes. Of course, with our tiny budget, the pig just might turn out to be a piglet. But roasted it will be. Mmmmmmmm.

Finished reading three books by women authors. It has chopped my to-read-book tower down to 3 stories. Will have to make it a point to look for second hand bookstores again to replenish my vertically challenged tower. For now, I'm resting my eyes. Allow me to list my favorite lines on what I've read so far:

Intelligence always had a pornographic influence on me.
- Maya Angelou, The Heart Of A Woman.

This I can totally relate with. Hahaha. Ever wonder why Woody Allen look alikes can bag themselves a babe? Hehehe. It's all in the brains. I tell you, not everything attractive is between the legs. It's also between the ears too. But I know women who will disagree with me. lol.

She thought: I don't have to do this. Though she understood in the same moment that it was knowing that she would positively do this that had allowed her the luxury of indecision.
- Anita Shreve, The Pilot's Wife

The luxury of indecision. I've been going through some stuff right now. Trying to see my limits and exploring how daring I can be. So far, I've been unafraid. Anxious maybe ... Me liking this side of me. Me liking what I'm discovering. I have a choice. It's good to have options, don't you think?

Sometimes you're loved because of your weakness ... What you can't do is sometimes more compelling than what you can do. For a second, I felt hope for myself. But loving for weakness, seemed like a weakness itself.

Their premise is that men are natural predators, and the more difficult the hunt, the more they prize their prey. In othe words, the last thing you want to do is tap the hunter on the shoulder and ask him to shoot you.

- Melissa Banks, A Girl's Guide To Hunting And Fishing

This one is good for women. Funny and entertaining and yes, you don't need to follow the rules. About the difficulty of the hunt determines the value of the prize - um, I don't know. Although I do want to keep the filipina values of pakipot (hard-to-get) and being dalaga (a lady) and all ... I'm at the age when I can also get my bow and arrow and learn to shoot. Hehehe. And I am good with the gun. I've practiced target shooting with my brother - Lol. So after age 25, I do believe Filipinas can hunt too. To remain classy, learn the art of subtle flirting.

I'm beginning to think that men do think with their dicks. Although most men I know will tend to disagree. But there has to be some truth in that. This conclusion is based on experience and observation - hehehe.


:) said...

melissa banks has a new book :D i've been waiting for it forever. maybe i should buy it ;))

mellowyellow said...

I am back! Oh i think you are right men do think with that most of the time! Hope all is well with you

shawnazon said...

Superfriends? Justice League Party? What is this you speak of? Sounds fun!

mellowyellow said...

Just came by to wish you a merry christmas