Someone brought a Wacom tablet to work today. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My doodle website is now online. Can be found here. Read and hire me. I'm in dire need of income. Wacom aside, I've got bills to pay. My brother said I tend to live beyond my means. If I examine it closely, I'm not really. But I'm taking care of a household with people who's lives I can't afford - bwehehehe. Sigh. We get by. Barely, but we do. I just hope that this business explodes because it could help a lot. Like send my nephew through college. Wouldn't that be nice? Big dreams for big small people. If it can happen to Jennifer Hudson, who knows, right?

Been a busy week. Work is ... grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Getting a bit overboard but managing nicely. I had lots of things to blog - I think of them during the night before I go to bed. But when I get to my computer, I can't think of anything to write. So I guess you will have to make do with nonsense and scraps here and there that are not really interesting but comes straight up from the mind to the fingers. Just like this.

Have to attend photo class tomorrow. We're going caving. And I can't afford it anymore. But I can't ... don't want to give it up. I miss the days when I was so simple minded, TV is my only entertainment. Now, there's too many of them to count. And there's only one of me. Sniff sniff.

I lost 2 pounds and gained it all back the next day. Dang it!

I want that Wacom tablet!

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