Guess what? I'm in Singapore. For a few days. And it's like living in a whole new world. Clean. Automated. Everything just seem to have its place. It's almost like ... a science fiction movie. Hehehe. Maybe it's just me being buki in a whole new world. I like it here. It's green. It's organized. Everybody ... well, almost everybody, follow the rules. It will go well with my obsessive compulsive syndrome. I love it. Yet I hate it. I like my world to have a certain madness in it. Otherwise it would be pretty boring.

I have rode the MRT (subway / hiway that connects most destinations.) I have seen Jurong Bird Park and walked a long length of Orhard Road. I've seen Indian temples, Buddhist temples and Jewish temples. I ate noodles and everything here seem to have egg in it. I went to Museums and the National Library. Impressive architecture. Careful planning. How I envy it and wish it could be the same where I come from.

But I say this, with pride: my people are much more friendly. :)

It was not a simple matter for me to get here. A lot of people helped. AS IN! I'm thinking of all the pasalubongs I have to uy just to give back something to these people. So I feel pressured. As my niece would say "Pretty Much! Sheeeeesh!"

I will be posting pics here soon. And though I still have a lot to see, I can't wait to get home.

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Junelle said...

Wow ... I hope I could travel as well :P