Flash Flood Drama Final Episode

June 22 - Sunday

6am. Braced ourselves for the catastrophe that is our home. Mud covered every inch of the lot and the insides of the house as well. Furniture and appliances scattered everywhere, some ransacked and covered with mud. Some walls and doors have been destroyed and will need to be replaced. All beds wet. Hardly recognized my room. Winced when I saw all my books and notes ruined. All my clothes covered in mud. Yet felt so grateful to have survived it. Immediately started shoveling mud out of the house after cups of coffee and a can of sardines.

8am. Called everyone we know affected by the flood. Everyone ok. Just happy with that thought.

8pm. Had our first bath in two days at the neighbor's house. Cousins sent money, dry clothes and food. We bought drinking water. We had to borrow each other's dry underwear. Tired and desolate. Still had difficulty sleeping.

June 23 - Monday

Brother-priest arrived and helped out. He bought us supplies and groceries. Cleaned backyard and maid's room first. Cousins kept bringing us cooked food. They are such angels. Hired someone to clean water well and fill-up water tanks. Semi-cleaned toilets first, kitchen and living room second. Bedrooms will have to wait. Was so happy to see white floor again.

June 24 - Tuesday

Cleaned my room and ny older sister's room. Discovered all my manual cameras soaked and muddy. Threw away all my journals, loveletters and other mementos. No time to grieve for them just yet. Younger sister started to get blisters on her feet from being exposed to wet mud. We started wearing garbage bag boots on our feet and gloves on hands. Also started drinking meds for leptospyrosis. Water pump broken. Moved back home. My sisters and nephew all shared a bedroom.

June 25 - Wednesday
Cleaned last bedroom but it will not be liveable until walls and floors are fixed. Bought washing machine because old washing machine unusable.

It took us a week to get all the mud out. Another week to take care of laundry, and clean up the stuff we had salvaged. Maybe another month to grieve for the lost photo albums, teddy bears, documents and things we couldn't let go of but have to. And probably another year to get rid of the trauma and fight the panic every time it starts to rain. House still in shambles but it has gained back it's homey glory. Will need to replace a lot of cabinets, doors, walls and furniture. Will need to treat it for termites and molds to prevent sickness. We will need a lot. We will try not think of the expenses for now and just play it by ear.

On the bright side, we have less mess to deal with, more space in all the rooms, more stories and jokes to tell our folks. We are grateful for all the people who helped us through. Our cousins and Titas who made sure we wouldn't lose too much weight. Our maternal relatives who sent monetary help. Classmates, officemates, online-friends, priest-friends, relatives - all overwhelmingly generous with encouragement, prayers and support. Even the Bishop popped up for a visit to check on us. We are oh so so soooo grateful. As I keep saying, we are truly blest and we are the luckiest people in the world to have so many people look after us. Hikbi hikbi hikbi. :)

To all of you God-sent folks, thank you!

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