me: Hey, I just got a log distance call from the US, another possible website employer asked when I'll be free. As in he called my phone to make sure I respond to his email. Naks. Kudog my heart. Be careful what you wish for all over again?

friend: Hahahaha.. Ay sinabi.. Be careful what you wish for gid eh.. I'm very happy for you missy.. As in!

me: I'm very afraid for me hahaha. As in I'm terrified I just might succeed or someone might discover what a fake I am.

friend: Talaga ito. Why do you say that? It's not like you're pretending to be somebody you're not

me: Not being a college graduate does that to you. Ruins your self-confidence when placed on a race with nitwits bearing diplomas.

friend: Duh! My brother also do not have a college diploma but he is now a service engineer in New York. He knows all of the insides of their machines that's why he was now tasked to do the company's operations manual. Output ang important not degrees.

me: Sigh. I know. Thanks friend. Just needed to get that one out before I panic. Will keep that in mind.

friend: Talaga ito. Dami mo na nga clients and super satisfied lahat. Talaga ito. Bansai lang bala!

me: Bansai!

Did I tell you how great my friends are?


Junelle said...

Friends are always there to support. Skills are really important not the degrees we earn.
What will you do with that diploma if you don't know how to read :P
Good Luck .. pag di mo na kaya, pasa lang sa akin :) HA HA HA HA

ilongga70 said...

Because I'm self-taught, I can't help but feel ill-equipped compared to programmers with hard-core degrees. I'm sure they know more than I do. Pero I think bigaon lang gid ko ya when it comes to my work.

I'm getting mostly CSS jobs and design work. I rarely get CMS offers kay indi ko kabalo man sina but ang indi ko kaya, gina pasa ko gid man sa iban. Will let you know. What is your specialty?uyxq