dr manhattan vs. dense women

I had a very long week and I felt I needed to put a period to my long week. So after my last meeting Saturday, my gal pal and I headed for the mall to watch movies. One guy and one chick flick.

Watchmen. Um, so ... I didn't get it - bwahaha! My older and younger brothers were comic buffs. I wasn't but I did get to read the stuff they would bring home. Graphic novels- they call it. I think I remember Watchmen somewhere between all the Captain America, Justice League and X-men lying around or hidden in boxes. So I thought that watching the movie would be very much appreciated. Right? NOT! For the life of me, I don't get it. Halfway through it, I wanted to walk out and ask for my 85 pesos back. Maybe it's just for the comic enthusiasts? Maybe it was really bad acting? And equally bad costumes (Did they really look that 1985 when I read them?) The effects were kind cool though but can't quite make-up for how I was counting the minutes until it was over. I wasn't amused by the gore. Or the sexy scenes. Or the blue penis. Yup, parents, there is a penis in there somewhere so maybe you should see it before you let your kids watch it. So had a text conversation with my baby brother who was a Watchmen fan:

me: What were you thinking? (He recommended it!)
him: What do you mean?
me: I don't get it and I'm halfway through.
him: It's not supposed to make sense until the end. There's a latin phrase that sums up the whole story. Quis Custode Ipsos Custodiet. It means, who watches the watchmen.

Leave it to my brother to remember a Latin phrase from a comic book. So duh, I felt really dumb. The elaborate plan was just to stop the two world powers from wiping each other out from the face of the earth. So ... what? Hahaha! No, I didn't like it.

He's just that not into you. Perfect end to a long week. Good thing it was the 2nd movie we watched. We needed to recover from Watchmen. The plot was simple, it was just stating the obvious. The gist: If the guy in interested in a girl, he would do something about it. Not rocket science. Not quantum physics nor the hullabaloo of psycho-spiritual ek-ek. The statement is repeated in the movie several times. Maybe women just need to hear it over and over again? Hahaha. Had a good laugh. I especially liked the reference to Watts and Eric Stolz. And the myspace Drew Barrymore phone call was just hilarious.

So here's a question to the guys reading this blog: How would a girl know that you are just not into them? Any signs? Any advice?

Sometimes I think more like a guy. I blame it on the Crow. I think he completely changed the way I see men - hahaha. Quoting Gloria Steinem again - Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry. Hehehe. AH Men!

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