I can sometimes be an obesessive convert. I hate it when I get so totally wrapped up in a book, a movie, a series or something else. I will fervently review the whole thing over and over again in my head. I get addicted. I get fanatical. It's frustratingly, irritatingly all I can think about. Just can't shake it off now. I hate it when this happens. I totally hate it.

There is this Korean reality TV show that showed last year called We Got Married. The show pairs together two celebrity couples who had to pretend that they are a "married" couple. They pretend to be husband and wife for the days they shoot for the show and missions are arranged for them to accomplish.

There is this couple Kim Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo - aptly nicknamed Joongbo - who are just (sigh) extremely made for each other. I didn't bother watching the other couples. Just this two. And Dang it! the guy had to sing Falling Slowly in guitar in one of my favorite episodes - of all song choices!.

Watching their show had adverse effects on me. Found myself washing dishes at 3 a.m. and cleaning my room from top to bottom because I can't sleep just thinking about them. Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh. I hate it. Totally hate it.
But I love them. I totally love them :) Ah Shit!

To my lovely friends, you know who you are.
This is the playlist. Watch it in the order of the numbered episodes. Ay shit gid ya!

P.S. Both celebs are Korean singers. The guy now appears in the TV series Boys Over Flowers. His real personality is far from the character that he plays there. If you watch him in this show, you will surely fall head over heels. My GOD! He makes me want to get married. Sacrilege!

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