petuniaI had to post something. Been silent for far too long.

Still reeling from the Joongbo fever. It has become an epidemic at home. I'm trying to ride through the hangover.

And been working a lot too. Will need to post those jobs soon.

In the meantime, click on the photo. I butchered a pig. :) I don't know how long I had Petunia (name inspired by Harry Potter's harassed aunt) but she ate too much coins and I couldn't get them out. My banker friend says it's illegal to hoard coins. I wonder is piggy banks would fall in that category.

I'm seriously thinking of buying a laptop with my coins. Seriously. It's that or a treadmill. But I'm leaning on the laptop. It's actually an unhealthy choice. But I want to bring my work with me now. Although that may not be a good idea if I keep this up. Will die early.

And I need to buy a new pig too. They don't make pigs like Petunia anymore. The ones they are selling all look like swines to me. LOL.


D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Oh I also had a piggy bank just like your Petunia. Same color pa. But unfortunately I had to butcher it as well when I ran out of petty cash. hehe

I agree the ones currently available in the market don't look like piggies at all.

ilongga70 said...

:( Yeah. Too bad we had to kill them. Petunia is my 2nd pig. The first one was called Pitimini. Realized that it's a bad idea to name something you have to butcher in the end. But can't help it. Hahaha.

My next pig will be named Jins :) The problem is where to get one just like Petunia and Pitimini.