Started going to the gym yesterday with my yahyah buddies. It helps to do it as a group because we all keep encouraging one another to keep up. It's much more fun to get through the routines with a bit of laughter in-between. Not attending the scheduled work-outs means you stood up your friends which we don't want to do to each other. And having Cid Lucero as bodyguard helps a lot too.

Anyway, my friend Super Mama started a trend while we were gritting our teeth through crunches yesterday which prompted me to make a motiovational list while doing all our circuit training exercises. For beginners there are 15-20 counts through each repetition with usually 3 reps for each exercise. There are about 20 exercise for the workout program so it gets harder as you go along. I thought that instead of counting the number of times we grunt our way through a leg raise or a bicep pull, we should recite motivational words to get us through a repetition. They must be recited in order because as the exercises get harder, the stronger the motivation needed. So here's my list: :)
  1. long gown
  2. skinny jeans
  3. tuck-in
  4. pantsuits
  5. mini-skirts
  6. pencil cuts
  7. sleevless
  8. halter tops
  9. spaghetti
  10. strapless
  11. sarong
  12. tube
  13. belly-ring
  14. see-through
  15. backless
  16. tangga
  17. swimsuit
  18. two-piece
  19. topless
  20. nude :)
Feel free to adapt it in your own workout. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. Haha.

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