Attention Span of a 5 yr old

I was cleaning the mess in my desk this morning and found these:

A speaker once said in a seminar that doodling means your not listening or that you're bored. Then she singled me out and asked me if I was bored. I said "No" and continued doodling. I don't know if I insulted her that way because she kept calling my attention after that. LOL. I'd like to think I heard every word she said.

I think it's her job to keep me interested. If I don't hang on to her every word, maybe she just wasn't that good of a speaker. Haha - gina-justify pa! Anyways, I doodle when listening to people talk. Maybe I'm not just an undiagnosed obsessive-complusive. Maybe I'm autistic too. Hahaha.

I share this bad habit with a couple of siblings and several nieces and nephews. What can I say? Crazy runs in the family.

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