In honor of Toto Mel and Ma'am Elvira Tabobo, my junior year high school english teacher:

I have nothing to write :) wehehehe.

he has though: Nothing to Say


Totomel said...

hahahah....oh but you did. you did write something about you and me having nothing to say in 27 words.fascinating! hehehe

LV said...

Thrilled about you writing (and sometimes not)...

Ma'am from compulsory journal days

Duds said...

Ma'am LV!

Is it really you? Did you google your name and got to this post by chance? Haha.

Sorry for the wrong grammar and spelling. The thing about working with computers, you rely too much on spell and grammar check. :D

Miss your comments though. And I still love journal writing miskan di na compulsory.

Where are you na? People are asking. Happy to hear from you.

LV said...

I'm en route to SF so just a quick note to say we're past trivial grammar concerns. Lovely how you're evolving!
Warm regards to you, Weng and the rest from the accidental/occasional blog visitor formerly known as Ma'am.