Working Break

Hi folks. Been pretty hectic for awhile. After the concert, things didn't really stand still like I expected it,

My younger brother arrived with the future wife and we have exciting plans for their wedding souvenir which I will be working on in the next month or so.

Then I had family dinners which are a never miss bit occasions coz I have this one big crazy family with a great sense of humor.

And then I fell in-love with a book - but that calls for another post entirely.

Then there was this trip around Panay with my Coop. We went from Iloilo, to Capiz, to Aklan with an overnight stop-over to Boracay (I have a henna tattoo to prove it), then off to Antique and back in Iloilo in 48 hours or so.

I slept the whole Sunday and woke up only to catch the Harry Potter movie.

I'm awake quite early today and my mind is filled with work and projects to do. I'm excited again, a product of separation from my computer and my workload for at least a week. I needed that.

No deep philosophies to share today. Sometimes it pays not to think at all . The trick really is knowing when not to. And planting that idea in your brain so it knows when to stop. Sort of like Inception :)

Or maybe I'm still dreaming. Hehe

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