Best Gift Ever in the Big Four-Oh!

My nephew, Paolo bought me a backpack for Christmas. It's big enough to carry my laptop, my notebooks, books and all the IT gear I tend to lug around. :) I knew there was something special about that kid.

Anyway, sorry I didn't get to post any proverbial account of my four-oh birthday. Rest assured I had a great time. They scheduled the office party on that day so I went there after spending time with the current man in my life - LOL - the guy on the right. Won a cellphone during the raffle while feasting on my favorite poison - Gilbey's Premium. Birthdays and Christmas Parties are the best excuse to get drunk at work. After the party, my friends and I went to Bourbon and had margaritas and did hand dances to unheard music. Then we went somewhere that involved peeing in the bushes, puking and a flat tire. Those I will keep between me and co-workers to laugh about in the years to come. But heck, I enjoyed myself.

So my life begins ...

Merry Christmas Everybody. :)

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