Bite Me!

Haven't blogged for quite awhile. Been busy. Have projects lined up and good thing there's plenty of holidays this month.

So I created another secret blog (insert echoing evil laugh). It's my ... I dunno. I think I stopped counting after six but these things just come and go and they're a great outlet to vent off feelings. :)

For now, here's a pic of my baby boy - well, not really my own baby but someone I borrow from his mother now and then coz he's cute and adorable. Here he is getting ready for trick or treat. And here he is practicing his bite by hanging on my shirt. The costumes not complete yet. There's a motorcycle there somewhere. We have decided that he's too young for a gun and we couldn't find a leather jacket. He looks scary enough. Anyway, he made it a few blocks (Thanks to the motorcycle) before dangerously falling off because he was dozing from tiredness. Had to carry him home on my shoulder while pushing the motorcycle with another hand. But let me just say like a proud aunt, this boy can drive standing up. Of course, he doesn't know how to turn the handles yet but for a one year old - he rocks :D

Yes, I know. We distort their minds at a very young age. It's tradition.

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