are you still having fun?

You are on your own
You do as you please
Having so much fun
Gone and lost your reason
After all is said and done
Well are you still having fun?
 - Eagle Eye Cherry, song "Are You still having fun"

Went clothes shopping today. That's because I had to get rid of a lot of clothes in my closet because I no longer fit them. I'm in panic but I can't seem to stop eating nor bring myself to get back jogging.

Damn. Being stressed is an old and worn-down excuse for eating what you shouldn't. Work should not be prioritized before personal well-being. Tiredness and asthma cannot be an excuse to avoid exercise.

I know all these in theory. Now if only I can summon all my will-power to get to work on the weight loss and the being healthy bit of my day-to-day existence, I'll be fine.

I cannot wait for inspiration. I cannot wait for a kick in the head. The only motivation I should need is that I love myself and I want to be able to feel more comfortable with my body.

Now na. Now na. Now Na! Gadarnit!

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