50 shades

Finished my first 50 Shades yesterday. I'm halfway through the second book. And I didn't skip parts - LOL. Let's just say I had to cough more than usual to get through the book. And I would've thrown it against the wall (like I did with the Twilight Series) had I not been reading it on my laptop.

I now understand why they call it "Mommy Porn". And why they compare it to the Twilight series. And why they want Ian Somerhalder to play Christian in the movie version. It's definitely not for the young to read.

Do I like it? No comment. Hahaha.


Re-arrange the skies

When I run out of titles for my blog, I use the lyrics of the songs that is playing in iTunes. The one above is from "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls. Sometimes it fits, sometimes not.

So hi folks. Haven't blogged for a long time. Saying I'm busy is a constant boring excuse but it's true. Now people might see I must be raking bucks with all the work I'm doing. I'm not. I've been selling myself short and most of my projects are probono work. Baaaaaad bad. But it can't be helped. You pick your fights. I'm lucky enough that I can choose my clients - at least in my design job - but I keep saying to myself that it was never about money. But now that I'm paying bills left and right - I have to say that yes, sometimes it has to be about money. And selling myself short is one of my naive, idealistic perceptions of how to stay happy. Sometimes, I can be a huge idiot! Ah, there, I said it. Time to get smarter. There's a new tomorrow.

I've been talking to a friend of mine this morning. I told her that people call me naive sometimes. I always answer that I'm not naive really but hopeful. Naive is when you trust too much without reason. Hope probably means the same thing - LOL. But I'm hopeful that when things are not what they should be, there should be someone or something to make it right - that's hope. Hope for things not seen. Maybe others call it faith, but to me it's hope. And maybe, just maybe -that hope will "re-arrange the skies".

I am disillusioned, disappointed and dead tired. I felt that I have indulged myself way too much on hope, and food, and work. Maybe, just maybe, I need to take stock and re-arrange my skies. I'm too selfish to let myself hurt myself but that's exactly what I've been doing for the last few months.

Hopefully, my next post on this blog will be the song playing on my iTunes - Tayo'y Magsayawan. Sumabay sa Takbo ng Tugtugan. :)

Rolling my sleeves. Re-arranging my skies has never been easy. I should start start dancing towards it. Let's start by turning up the volume and getting out of this chair. LOL