Bad vs. good

Ever had the dilemma of having to choose between the bad and the good? It will be an easy choice if the bad is really bad. But what if the bad is really bad but feels so damn good? Then you end up choosing between the good and the damn good which is pretty bad. Because eventually, you will choose the damn good and end up doing what is really bad.

But i'm a good girl, although I have been bad at times but I've been pretty consistent about being good. And although I hate the really bad, i love the damn good. So what do I do? What if I refuse to choose? That is so not me.

I like taking sides, even if it's the wrong side. That way, if I'm wrong, I get to learn something and move on. If I'm right, I can congratulate myself for being right and move on. But what of the bad or the good?

I don't know. It's pretty bad not to choose the damn good.

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