I found it!

I've been spending all my free time experimenting on editing my blog and learning about add-ons etc. etc. Didn't realize it would be such fun. And the best part is, I can bring in more pictures too, and I plan to add some more courtesy of my writer friend who is nice enough to send me pics. My only disadvantage, I'm a nincompoop (did I spell it right?) when it comes to colors. And I'm really bad at it. But goodness, I've got links, a site meter, a tagboard, a clock and a daily mood viewer (YAY!) . Now, if I can only ask people to leave comments or a message on my Tagboard. At least it wouldn't look so lonely. Sigh.

And work on my program has reached a standstill. I'm sure the professor won't mind if I don't spend as much time with learning Borland C++. Because spicing up this blog is much more fun. I should start writing more too. My novel awaits. Maybe next week ...

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