A bit of good news

Have loads of work to do but figured I'd have time for a bit of good news from text messages I got from various angels in my world:

A few months ago, I helped my cousin with a few pics of young girl athletes from my mother's hometown. The athletes are so poor they couldn't buy shoes. My cousin took pics of them training for the National Palaro without running shoes. During competitions, they would cover their foot soles with masking tape so they wouldn't burn when they run.

I scanned the pics and helped my cousin e-mail them to relatives in the US. She was able to raise money for the running shoes as well as uniforms. Palaro was a week ago. I got this message last Sunday.

Cousin: Remember the athletes from Ajuy? One of them got a national gold. Thanks for your help.


I'm finally home after taking care of a house with six kids and a handful of household help for two long weeks. The reality of home started to sink in when I started my computer and realized there were no teenagers looking-over my shoulder. Privacy at last! It became more real when my brother started banging my door demanding I get offline so he could use the phone. Hahaha. Ah, home sweet home.

My 'adopted kids' started calling me "MA" on my 3rd day as Nanny. They said it was taken from the first two letters of my name and it is pronounced like a red-neck would say it. The nickname grew on me. We all celebrated my stint as Nanny with a quick swim in Punta Villa last Sunday. Anyway, got this message Monday from one of my nieces.

Niece: Thanks for being our "MA" for 2 weeks even though it's hard to be mother of six. We've had a lots of fun with you as our "MA". Thanks a lot.

Look MA! No eyes!

The kids' parents are back and was told about my Dalmatian demise. Aside from pasalubong (homecoming gifts) of chocolates and girly stuff, I got a bonus from my stint as "MA"; and I presume, it's also my consolation for the dog bite (grin):

Sis-in-law: PLEASE DON'T SAY NO. Inviting you to Manila trip through land and sea. All expenses paid. Better file for leave. Will pass by Boracay, Batangas, Tagaytay then Manila.

The Viking wants to buy me a webcam but I wouldn't let him. He thinks he has won the battle by finding the cam he needed. He forgets he has to get me to buy it first. Let's see who's the stubborn one now. GRIN. It ain't over yet. Ah, ain't love grand?


mellowyellow said...

Sounds like your life is a lot of fun! You are lucky

denden said...

enjoy your trip! and take loads of pictures.

take care :)