Packing Torments

It's been a busy week. I'm trying to finish everything so I don't have to worry about work while I'm on the road. Just my luck that this trip had to be scheduled on a month-end and the office internet just had to stop due to upgrades. Grrrrrr... So when I finally had all things important done, the boss decided to fly to Manila and abandons me with unsigned documents. And I have to leave on early-morning Friday! (pause) Breath in. Breath Out. Righta circle. Lefta circle.

Anyway, I still can't decide which clothes to bring, what bag to pack, which blouses will match just about anything so I don't have to worry about mismatched clothes or shoes or bags. Sigh. It's a girl thing. Why can't I just wear all blue, or all white and not look weird? Why can't I deal with mismatched accessories? Why can't I leave without all my personal hygiene thingys? Why can't everything be in miniatures so I can just drop them in a handbag and go? Why can't I afford a digital SLR so I don't have to carry my beloved cam which takes too much space? Who the hell invented travel! Sigh. I'm gonna miss the viking. And blogging. And free internet access.

But I need to leave to keep my sanity and find things to photograph and blog about. Ah, life! Embrace it! Because it doesn't last. So the song goes: Gather moments while you may. Protect the dreams you dream today. Remember?

Ack! Where the hell is my swimsuit? How can you fit a weeks' change of clothes into one backpack?! Should I bring a towel or do they we have enough in hotels? I feel guilty in admitting this but I'm very excited. I wish I could bring everyone I love with me. LOL.


Vanessa said...

Have FUN wherever you are going!

Mmy-Lei said...

happy trip... remember to have fun and forget the problems for a while.

mellowyellow said...

Have a nice time!