Photo Friday: Imperfection

This would have been a perfect picnic in the perfect park on a perfect day; Had it not been a celebration for the dead inside the cemetery on All Saint's day (Nov. 1, 2005). We were suppose to come on All Soul's Day (Nov. 2, 2005) but it has been declared a working holiday.

This is a shot taken at Forest Lake in Iloilo City. Someone have put up a bar near us in case the men decided to cool themselves with beer. There was also pizza, palabok and an assortment of shakes and junk food. My family rested under 2 huge umbrellas and spent the day lazing around my mother's tombstone. Once in a while friends would drop by to say hello on their way to visit their dead.There is nothing weird about this at all. At least not in Iloilo.


shawnazon said...

Hey you! Miss ya!

mellowyellow said...

Sounds a good way to spend the day

Renz said...

I was blog hopping when I accidentally click into this site. Comments about the All Saints/Soul's Day. It's the alive people's day not the dead ones. Because they are the one having party not the dead right. And it's so unfortunate for me because I haven't got the chance to visit my grandmother in her thomb because we have work that time:( Farmout.ph