House Arrest

Usually, the house is my favorite place in the world, but I wish I don't have to be sick to earn the right to stay home. Sigh. I'm trying not to think of the things I have to do but I really can't avoid it.

My asthma started Friday. I think it's all due to a lot of stress. Yes, more than one cause.

My sisters and I have been taking turns watching my Dad at the hospital. He was admitted for mild stroke. Luckily, no paralysis. It all started with a temporary blindness in his left eye and a quiver in his lips which he could not control. So he had to be brought to the hospital for CT Scan. And some more tests. And still more tests. They found pneumonia. And a small brain blood clot. And my Dad is a difficult patient. He's all rough and won't feel a dislodged needle even if there's blood dripping everywhere. Sigh. But he has kept his spirits up and still laughs at his hearing loss, so ... we're okay.

I won't even mention about the financial situation. That one is giving me a big headache so ... change topic.

Finished a two-day seminar last week. It was boring and a lot confusing really but the food ... THE FOOD .. was quite a feast. Every meal, we felt like Kings and Queens. If you have to ask where, Punta Villa, Iloilo. For 2000 pesos, the seminar was well worth fighting sleep.

Since I missed two days of work ... three days including today, I look forward for the pile waiting on my desk when I get back. So, please God, get me well, so I could clean up the pile I'm all imagining on my desk right now. Hmmm, I think God heard. I'm coughing already.

Photography Class is ending. We will have an exhibit an the University Cultural Center for three days. Then after they announce the winners, we will be graduating next Saturday. I will post my pics here soon enough. I spent 8 36-shot films for the whole two months. I need to have my photos enlarged and meet the deadline tomorrow evening. Was suppose to do it today, but this damn asthma kept me home. I have a million and one things I have to do for the exhibit but I can't because I'm finding it really difficult to breathe. Kept conjuring fresh air in mind with a pencil as a magic wand but it doesn't work ... not like it used to ;). I know I should not expect to win. There are rumors that the judges are biased and winners don't really get anything except a bit of recognition, but truth is ... I want to win. And I know I will get a big disappointment. But I have my fingers crossed. All ten of them. Including my toes.

Okay, I'm babbling. One good thing about blogging, you can get everything out without saying a word while you're catching precious air. My Precious. Come to Mama.

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