It's going to be a long weekend. And I'm looking forward to a re-arranged bedroom and quite time with graphics design. I'm sooooooo loving it.

I'm going to Guimaras tomorrow. I hope I would get a glance of the oil spill which they say is 4 inches thick and covers the whole of Guimaras island. There goes the coral beds and the exotic fishes of Alubihod. So sad to hear news of this.

And talking about fishes, I attended a children's birthday party last Friday and they gave me 2 tiny gold fishes to take home. Gave them to my nephew. I was afraid that I'm not really good at taking care of pets. I could barely keep a plant from dying, so I think my nephew should have it. He named them Jimmy Hendrics and Led Zeppelin. Jimmy died the next day. Very rock star don't you think?. We don't know exactly why. He had a bloated stomach and would not respond to CPR. So we had to flush him down the toilet. Let's all bow our heads for the passing of ... a really nice fish.

And for another fish story, my boss took me to the Lapaz Market a few days ago. I was looking for prawns. He was looking for fishes. So he lead me to the wet market section and it was only then I realized that I haven't been inside a wet market for at least 3 years. And I was amazed and was looking around with new eyes. Bought my prawns and 2 boneless bangus. And I love looking at all them fishes. Too bad I was too shy to take pictures. But I will be back there. I promise.

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