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So I had one measly post last June. I've been busy with events left and right. Towards the end, I had started to wish that the parties would stop. Whichever commercial nut that said June was the best month to get married deserves extreme party torture. I hope he makes bridal cakes or is a wedding planner. I'm sure he'd start seeing July as the light at the end of the rainbow and welcome it by toppling over from too much booze, food and dancing.

Anyway, to make up for the empty month, let me give you a run-down of what I have been doing all June.
Survivor Kela

June 10. Survivor Tijuana Episode 18.
My niece turned 18 and her parents threw her a huge birthday bash at Tijuana, Survivor style. My sister, the event planner, filled the restaurant with bamboo torches, and flaglets. Everyone showed up in shorts, sarongs, and their best castaway look. My niece, the sole survivor, showed up in hot pink fuschia bikini and shorts, her body painted with leopard spots, her hair frizzed and beautiful. Except for the assumptionista ilonggish, she would have made a convincing Amber. It was great fun. All her friends did was squeal and shout and laugh. The band was great and played reggae all night. I learned to appreciate vodka and learned much later that it cost 75 pesos per bottle - wehehe. Poor sister-in-law who had to pay for all our booze. Still, it was an inidication of things to come.

June 15. Nanny Funeral. We said good-bye to a cousin's nanny, one who has been part of the family since I was born. She was nanny to everyone and will be remembered. We had very little time to prepare for this one but we stopped to say good-bye.

June 16. Chick Flick Bridal Shower.Prepared popcorn, rented huge movie posters from SM City Cinema and fashioned every part of the program after a favorite chick flick. My yahyah friends got the bride the book Kamasutra which we thought was ... um ... very educational - hehehe. Also made her a large movie poster and called it Love Actually. She loved her pic with Kevin Costner, the man that got away - hehehe. We had a stripper who took off eleven pieces of clothing to the bride's dismay. We counted. We got the chance to kiss the pic of the Bachelor blind folded. And we got the best advice from a married friend on what to do on honeymoon night: JUST KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED AT ALL TIMES! Wahahaha.

June 24. Thriller Wedding.
My cousin's wedding. We (the cousins on my father side) spent the weekdays before the wedding practicing for a surprise dance number with the bride and groom. To the tune of Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Saturday Night Fever's Disco Inferno. Oh maaaaaaaan! We have the moves of John Travolta. The disposition of Michael Jackson. And the outrageousness of our last name - hehehe. I tell you, we rocked! We had the crowd standing in the first few bars of the intro. It was the most fun I had all month. Our dance troupe was made up of doctors, professors, an event planner, housewives, medical technologist, liturgist and a certain Vice Chancellor of a very prominent university. Yup, it was thrilla! Wahahahaha.

June 30. Perfect Wedding.A more somber wedding than the last one, we had the guys in coat and tie and the ladies in gowns. After the first three parties, was a struggle because we lacked sleep and had very little energy. But as usual, my event planning sister knew how to make it work. If you're in Iloilo and need someone to plan your party, I will give you her number. I tell you, she knows what she's doing and I'm not saying that just because she's my sister.

Anyway, will have another dinner this Friday. Then I might be able to get some rest and focus on m new clients. It has been a swell month. Despite the lack of sleep, I will remember this particular June.

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