Just Thoughts

I forgot his birthday this year. Makes me think that it is a good sign but I'm not so sure. Was tempted to send him a late birthday postcard but my good sense told me not to. He did send me a note a month ago. But didn't even answer that. Hmmmm ...

Feel sad to read the last Harry Potter book. Love how it ended though. Very adult. It's like watching a very long coming of age film. I so love J.K. Rowling for writing the book(s). I hope she writes something more but the first seven didn't disappoint me. I remember that I started reading Harry Potter when nobody knew about him yet. But look at him now. It's like seeing a child grow literally.

I'm redesigning my website for the third time. Sometimes I want so many things to happen all at once and forget that simple is better and that I just need to be patient. Sometimes I think I have so little time to make my dreams come true. Sometimes I forget that although I could do anything, I must accept my limits too.

Life is so slow nowadays. I don't know if it's the rain.

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