I was talking to the ex yesterday afternoon. Five years after the relationship ended, we have managed to stay friends. The conversation turned to relationships and the "marriage" bit again. I told him that after hearing all of my friends talk about their failed or difficult marriages, I am convinced I will never be the marrying type. But people tend to generalize that just because I don't want to get married means that I don't want to be in a relationship. I find this foolish. Think Oprah and Goldie Hawn. I am all for that.

Does this mean I am losing all my morals by accepting living-in as an option? I certainly don't want it for my younger nieces and nephews if they ever go into a relationship. They are just too young. My reasons are simple. This live-in thing is still a lot of responsibility. It means being responsible for someone else not of your blood. It's just like raising your own kids, only they are much more grown up and can talk back to you. :) Me, I am old. The Viking disagrees with me. But thats exactly how I feel. And I am comfortable being this old.

About morals, maybe I not have any anymore. :) But I seriously doubt it.

It's the weekend. I still remain a recluse. And I don't mind.

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