the things our parents make us do

Was it Mitch Alboom who said that parents destroy their children permanently? I think it was in one of his books.

Anyway, my Dad called me after a very long day at work to complain about a family affair I didn't want to take part of. The gist is, he wants me to confront this person about a transaction she arranged with my Dad because this trouble is affecting my Dad's health. Normally, I would step in when it comes to health issues involving my Dad. But lately, and I say this with a bad case of guilt, I think my Dad has been using health as an excuse to get what he wants. And I'm getting pretty tired of him complaining to me and making me do things that I really have nothing to do with.

So why do I feel guilty? Because it might really be affecting his health and I just can't see any outward signs of its effect - me being ignorant when it comes to anything medical. And this should be a small favor compared to all the favors I had to ask my Dad to do when I was growing up - and I'm sure there were plenty. And to add to this guilt, I impassively refused to have anything to do with a transaction I know nothing of.

We, however, agreed that I should look into it or at least ask for the why and the what to get a clearer picture. Pero for some reason, I do this with a heavy heart because I don't really want to get involved because it concerns relatives and you know how ugly that could get.

Remember the days when the things that our parents make us do is just the simple things like taking a bath daily and brushing our teeth. Then it graduates into wearing an ugly frock to a ball, kissing people on the cheek even if you don't really know who they are, or taking a course you never wanted to in the first place?

Ay, the things our parents make us do. (sings) Oh when will they ever learn? Oh when will we ever learn?

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