Wishlist 2007

I just thought I needed to update my wishlist. At five in the morning (Grin).

Anyway, I realized I didn't get to make my wishlist last year. For some reason. So I'm making last year's list. And I'll make this year's list in December :) And I need to add some more items in since I got some of them this year. Just to make it an even 10 :) Can't help it. It's the OC in me.

So here they are:
1. I want everything in this website for starters - hahaha. Puzzles galore. I can't pick just one so I'm linking the whole page. :P


2. Peace on earth, goodwill to men. (This comes second now because of climate change. And because of reality check and stubborn hope.)

3. The ever elusive Canon camera and lenses (I have wanted it for a long time but never got it. It's a luxury I cannot afford but it will remain on this damn list until I get really tired of it.

3. A room like this - or a new house while I'm at it:

4. A computer table exactly like this:

5. A Laptop - no particular brand. Just one that works so I can read ebooks in bed :)

6. learn programming

7. cable TV - we had ours removed just before the flood and never got it connected again. I miss Jay Leno and Oprah :(

8. time to read - I haven't had time for this favoriet pastime anymore

9. This car in dark blue:

10. Atticus Finch :)

I've become very specific in my wishlist, as you can see. I don't always get or buy the exact thing I want but being more specific helps me remember why I want them in the first place.

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