of gods and men ...

There was Aragorn, king of Middle Earth. There was Major Richard Winters, leader of Curahee, Bastogne and whole lot of places during World War I. There was Atticus Finch, defender of the poor and the oppressed blacks. And now there is Prince Tande, king of a Chinese Dynasty I cannot read nor pronounce - bwahaha.


It's called "The Legend" or to Koreans, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Story of the First King’s Four Gods). I discovered the TV series during the weekend. I'm half-way through it. Because of symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, I've forced myself not to touch the computer during rest days as much as I can. The need to rest my hands had led me to Prince Tande and his four Gods Cheong-ryong (Blue Dragon), Baek-ho (White Tiger), Joo-jak (Phoenix), and Hyeon-mu (symbolized as a turtle). They have powers over wind, cloud, fire and rain respectively. Tande is a great war tactician, so much like Dick Winters of Band of Brothers. He is also a man's king - very Aragonic, a guy after the people's heart. And of course very Atticus - slow to anger, just, peaceful, brave :) Swoon swoon swoon.

Tande is of course played by the very attractive Bae Yong Joon, who I have decided to draw when I have time. He is a photographer too. So swoon swoon ulit. Hehe.

Like all epic dramas, you realize that a lot of wars could have been solved had people took the time to just hear each other out :) But then again, there is God's or maybe the human way of creating circumstances that prevent this. So confusion. Anger. Jealousy. Broken Romances. Unexpected friendships. War. Power Struggles - all the ingredients of a great story.

Can't wait for the four gods to meet their King.

My favorite men in fiction - my small piece of heaven here on earth.

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