Kun diin ka masaya

susuportahan ta ka.

Had a short IM conversation with my niece who is in a middle of a crossroad right now. She's hilarious when she's cynical. Anyway, I won't be translating the hiligaynon words. The conversation is better off without it. Just wanted to post it for posterity. I hope she doesn't read my blog LOL!

niece: Hey Tita
me: Hi k, waddup?
niece: News
me: Did u get in?
niece: Didn't pass. So i googled 'the test'. And read about all these other kids who didn’t pass so I’m pretty happy right now. Seriously, I did
me: wow
niece: I like to swallow other people's misery to diminish my own
me: hahaha. Their loss
niece: But im okay. i was expecting this already
me: Cge lang a, so what now? Stay with present course or move on to other things?
niece: BA lit sa Miami. I’m gonna shift! Actually, I wanted to try speech comm sa Diliman but tapos na ang application period. Anyway, ara ku sa lost period ku so my parents gave me another college talk kagina. And I bet we're gonna have another one this evening. I can feel it.
me: Hell, I was lost too. Anyway, You go with your heart a. You’ll find your niche sooner or later. Just hope its sooner than later LOL
niece: Don’t worry tita. May fall-back pa ku. Ma artista na lng ku. Hambal ni nong arnold
me: hahahaha. AWAT!
niece: Kung co-star ku mn lng si John Lloyd.................why not. But I’ll probably play his daughter or something
niece: kidding
me: hehehe. ok man lang na. with ur manipulative powers, u can convince him your something else
niece: ha-ha. Seriously, though. Daw lost ku subong. One thing's for sure. I do not want to be a doctor – nooooooooooooo.
me: It’s a start. Better to know what you don’t want than end up with "WTF was I thinking?"
niece: yeah. But i have to find something soon. Or else I'll have to marry
niece: para lang may masagod sakon
me: now that i s FUNNNNNY
niece: peru amu gd na bala gina-isip ku
me: maybe u should try being a commediane
niece: I mean, I've been hoping I don't have to marry. I wanna take care of myself and dote on my nieces and nephews
me: no worries. 1. You don’t have nephews and nieces yet. 2. You can start with just selling your drawings. I tell u, they're good
niece: Maybe. Anyway, I still have a lot of thinking to do
me: gotta get back to work now. Just nod a lot when ur parents start talking to u? LOL. Thats what i did
niece: I say stuff to when they're not talking
niece: anyway, cge tita. bye
me: bye

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