Fall In Love 18 Times

I know I post a lot of movies, books and TV series in this blog. But when I do, it's because it's totally worth a post. Paris Je T'aime is a movie of a series of short movies from various artistic directors all different locations of Paris, France and with an impressive cast that describes Paris and love in a very entertaining and creative way. Love the scripts. All of them just ... leaves you thinking, a lot of them ironic but quite lovely. Think "Love Actually" only three times better.

The Americans made their own version with "New York I Love You ". Saw that one too and liked it too but it pales in comparison to Paris Je T'aime. This is a good way to end the weekend.

I started the weekend by watching "Lovely Bones" which was a bad idea because the power keeps going out and kept me in suspense for several hours. Just when you get to the best part, the power goes off and then had to wait until I see the rest of the movie. Because I haven't reached the redemption part of the movie, the scenes kept appearing in my dreams and I would wake up sweating and disturbed. That is why I don't watch horror movies at night. And if I do watch suspense thrillers, I have to see the villain dead or the victim avenged, otherwise - my mind won't give me peace until justice was served ... even if it was just a movie. So after a disturbing Saturday, Paris was a refreshing change.

Anyway, worked all day and rewarded myself with Paris. Perfect ending to a slow weekend.

I LOVE THIS SHIT! Je sentir vivante!

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Daphn3 LaurA said...

Oh yes I remember watching this French film and falling in love with Paris all over again. I loved all the vignettes pieced together as a big love story in the City of Love. :)

I was actually looking forward to watching "Lovely Bones" at the cinemas but for some strange reason the showing has been postponed to an undetermined date.