Year of the Tiger is Eye of the Tiger?

It wasn't much of a day-off but I managed to stay away from the PC and just watched TV and relaxed a bit. I had another frantic month and after finishing a website, an annual and a talk with just a 3-day preparation, I finally got a day off yesterday. I spent it doing another passion of mine ... movies ... very good movies ... very disturbing but poignant movies :)

One particular movie that's been circling my mind hours after the credits were over is this Agentinian film that won Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscar's recently: The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos). MUST WATCH! Left quite an impression on me. One line which strikes me (translated of course to English) goes: "Men cannot change one thing about them. They can change how they look, where they live, but they cannot change their passions." The line just resonates :) I kinda like the idea that there is a bit of predictability in people. I'm not a person for surprises; although I do love the good-natured pranks once in a while. But one reason I love to make programs is because they can be predictable or solved or structured. People are not like that - in a good way. I like that humans have choices and sometimes make those choices, without thought, without plans, with just the expression of the self. Ok enough. Dalum na. Just watch the movie. Love it love it love it!

I have trouble looking people in the eye. It's a habit I formed after being shouted at by a very gay professor back in college in front of faculty - long story LOL. Traumatic experience that left me with a shattered ego and an inability to look at my superiors in the eye. It has become a habit. Just last year, I observed how a mentor would look us in the eye to get a point through. He said that you have to look people in the eye when you toast because if you don't, you will have 100 years of bad sex. LOL. I don't believe that but hey, that made me look at people in the eye when I toast. And just a few weeks ago, it was Anthony Pangilinan who taught us a trick of connecting with people - look them in the eye when you talk. Connect-shift, Connect, shift.It takes practice he said. I haven't made a conscious effort but I want to re-learn that. I want to be able to look people in the eye. Connect. I've been looking at computer monitors far too long. I don't want to live with my shattered ego hehe. I think I have managed to prove to myself that I'm not useless after all. I should add that to my To Do List. LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYES.

To end, here's a list of Oscar movies you must must must see. I saw them and they were all good.

Avatar (best art direction, cinematography among others)
The Blind Side (Sandra Bullock, best actress in a leading role)
Coraline (nominated, animated feature film)
An Education (love it, nominated for best adapted screenplay)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (well f=of course, nominated for cinematography)
The Hurt Locker (hot actor in a leading role - haha. Worthy of best direction Oscar)
Inglorious Basterds (worthy of best supporting actor Oscar, funny but disturbing plot, great director)
Invictus (love the story, love Nelson Mandela)
Julie and Julia (not quite impressed with the story but Meryl Streep is impressive as Julia Fairchild - she really gets it!)
The Messenger (worthy to be nominated for best original screenplay; great story)
Precious (Mo'nique is ... wow!)
The Secret in Their Eyes (Love the beard?! Hahaha! Great!)
A Serious Man (Hmmm, disturbing, don't quite get it though)
Sherlock Holmes (Best Sherlock Holmes movie ever!!!!)
Up (two thumbs up)
Up In The Air (if you can look beyond the lovely George Clooney, a lot more is to be appreciated and loved)
The White Ribbon - (disturbing. both love it and hate it)
The Young Victoria (worthy of best costume design)
Bright Star (The John Keats movie)

And here are some more non-Oscar films you also must watch:
Memento (great disturbing movie)
New York I Love You
Sin Nombre
Valentine's Day (what?! I love corny romantic flicks sometimes too)
Daybreakers (Very Hancock but with a twist)

I think I have two or three more but I can't remember the titles. I will post those later.

Oh, and if you get the chance to watch the latest episodes of House, the Office and the Criminal Minds :0 - you will forget that you need a social life too. :)

Will have events to go next week. This weekend, I intend to stay home and just chill.

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Daphn3 LaurA said...

Oh I hope they include this Argentine film in one of the film festivals to grace the local cinemas.

I envy you for watching all those great movies through the Internet. But I did watch several of those on your list and I was really glad that "The Hurt Locker" got an Oscar for best picture.