Uh oh, it's my birthday

So I got an email last week of a job offer telling me they would pay me if I would write a novel. Nyahaha. I thought it was a joke but apparently they were not kidding. I said no - well, because a novel takes too much time to write and I'm balancing two jobs and a life. So I was hoping for smaller projects. So they asked me to write short stories - but of course my idea of short stories are the ones people write on blogs - teeheehee. I'm pondering on this opportunity a wee bit longer. I don't think I'm that good a writer but it wouldn't hurt to try. But then again, I don't want the pressure. So I'm sitting on it Ms. Editor.

Before the day ends, I would like to greet this blog Happy 6th Birthday!Yeehee!!! Woooot! Woooot!!!

I was preparing something sentimental for my blog's birthday but I couldn't get to it because it just got too toxic at work and at home.

So let's keep it simple. First, I would like to thank my writer friend in London who got me started writing and for awhile became this blog's sole purpose - LOL. Emphasis on "FOR AWHILE!" Then I would also like to remember my other writer friend in Manila who introduced me to blogging - Vaylazoo! - and now I just cannot stop. Third, I would like to thank all the bloggers I've encountered through these years that have inspired me to formulate my own opinions, ponder on my own existence, be inspired by their writing and just enjoy the chance to get a glimpse about life on every tiny planet in which they live in. And finally, I thank my very few (and I probably can count them with my hands) - and dare I call them - FANS - hahaha - for taking time to drop by and read, and leave comments. Your presence is greatly valued :)

And about that thing I planned for this blog's 6th anniversary. I decided to post links to top ten posts. My criteria for choosing them is ... I didn't have a criteria. I didn't have time to make a criteria. But these are just my favorites. Maybe because I was angst-y when I wrote them. Or maybe I felt the entire post was really really me. Or maybe it just made me laugh. And feel. And you know how I love to feel!

So here it is. My top ten posts.
1. What I Really Feel  2004
2. Morphing Into Spinsterhood 2005
3. We Finally Meet
4. My Room
5.Cruella De Butt
6. My Mondo Beyondo List
7. Proust
8. So It Is
9. Happy Birthday To Me
10. What would you do if you know you can't fail


Daphn3 LaurA said...

Happy Blog anniversary! =)

I for one will continue to be your 'fan'

Totomel said...

happy birthday nang dudz. sorry for the late greetings. =)