Age of No Reason

When you're falling in love, the first thing that goes is objectivity. Next is reason. Next is common sense. And finally, self-control. 
- From the Yahyah Handbook Chapter 3
I wrote that one. 

Because love has no mission but to fulfill itself.

The Yahyah Handbook does not really exist. It's actually a collection of quotes from friends who had sudden astute awareness during long deep conversations or after a lonely pondering of things that are. That's why quotes like this should be documented on blogs before they disappear into thin air and before the lesson is again lost in memory.

Last night I had dinner with friends at Ramboys. It was a gathering of the broken-hearted and the recovering love addicts and love gurus. I don't exactly know which category I fall into but I was in good company.

The guys had a lot to say about love this time. They claim to have the ability to read women in courtship. They say they know when they "got them" - that we women are quite transparent when it comes to feelings. Hmmmm. I think this however does not apply to all men. Hahaha. Some are just a bit more dense than others when you say NO.

Anyway, one guy-friend said, and take note women everywhere, that if a guy likes you, he will do whatever he can to pursue you. That's the only way to know if a guy likes you. If he doesn't do anything, then he has no interest. Period. Move on. He says that women should wait and not make the first move. The word he used is  "Hunter". Men are the hunters. And are we the prey? Hmmmmm. He also said that the easier women are to woo, the less respect they get from the men who woos them. Or should I say woe instead of woo? So we should give them hell during courtship. Of course, if he loses interest during his hellish experience, he would not be worthy of you. Hehe. Hmmmm.

We agreed that doing something really stupid in love does not necessarily constitute a wrong. Sometimes, we need to be stupid. If for anything else, we need to learn. But sometimes, we just need to be stupid for self-preservation, for sanity and perhaps, for just wanting to be happy. So yup, we are all for stupidity ... but we are also for the wisdom of the consequence of stupidity. So cry all you like when you do something stupid. But be assured that it was your choice so take responsibility for the stupidity and stop blaming others.

All right enough. That is the liempo speaking.

There's more about  rebound relationships :) but that's meant for another Yahyah Chapter  hehe.

Have to get ready for work. Thanks friends. Had a good time last night.

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